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Wheel Of History
Wheel Of History

The six-meter Cadillac born in 1939, the famous 75th series, to which the even more famous Chicago gangster Al Capone was betrayed almost to the end of his life, arrived in the Far Eastern capital directly from Moscow. True, Anatoly left the price of the “question” behind the scenes - they say, no matter how much, it is important that he bought it.

One of the Khabarovsk connoisseurs of retro cars said that it was in the 30s that the automotive world began to go crazy. And Cadillac was the first "crazy" to increase the size and power, for example, its "75-ok" with V-8, which at that time were considered the most prestigious, to V-12, enjoying the fame of top, and to the wild, fantastic giants V -16, surpassing all competitors in America and Europe.

By the way, we note that sixteen cylinders still remain a pipe dream of many manufacturers of prestigious models … And then only tiny Marmon, which also introduced the V-16 model, decided to encroach on world leadership Cadillac. However, the project was an overwhelming burden for a small company, and Marmon went bankrupt overnight …

In short, the Cadillac V-16 was one of the first cars in the world with hydraulic valve compensators in the motor. Therefore, the huge engine only rustled quietly during operation. Having a volume of 7.4 liters, the engine gave out 165 “horses”.

Alas, the appearance of an expensive and monumental model was not quite in time. The Great Depression was in full swing. On the other hand, the public buying such cars was the least affected by the crash on the New York Stock Exchange. Hollywood stars and Hispanic dictators, Indian Maharajas and Oriental sheikhs continued to bathe in luxury. They eagerly bought 16-cylinder, 6-meter Cadillac cars with bulletproof glass. Therefore, a small but stable demand for the model was guaranteed.

And somewhere in 1939, a new generation 16-cylinder engine appeared, in which the engineers of the company rewrote the previous achievements. The motor has become smaller and lighter on a centner. With him, the V-16 model lasted until 1940, after which Cadillac removed its undefeated flagship from production.

Anatoly Panikhin - the owner of almost "Kaponevsky" Cadillac, but eight-cylinder. And the rest - all from the time of the "State Depresnyak".

By the way, there are even few such machines in the world: there were only 600 of them produced. And in Russia, according to official figures, there are only two of them. One - at Mosfilm, the second - at Panikhin, and therefore, while in Khabarovsk.

Tolya got from Moscow to the Cadillac V-8 for three weeks - five hundred and four hours. Divide 8700 kilometers of the road by the number of hours - 17 km per hour - the average speed. But, on a good road, the owner accelerated the car to 58 km - he was more afraid. At the gas station, the driver tried not to jam the engine. During one of these gas stations, the guys drove up to the guy on the Mercedes and offered to wave without looking, and even with a surcharge. Anatoly refused for one driven reason … And he rolled, rolled, rolled in his native Khabarovsk.

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