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Middle Class Luxury


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Middle Class Luxury
Middle Class Luxury

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Kymco is not afraid of this in terms of its products. With the advent of new models in the program, their division into “lines” becomes more apparent, new traditions of the Korean brand are cultivated: the owner of a small wallet, as before, is offered a large selection of scooters with an engine from 50–150 cm3. For those who have more bulging pockets, they will offer fresh, more advanced cars.

So, for example, a couple of years ago, the ugly duckling Kymco Dink 150 had no chance of winning consumer preferences in the middle class. Now it has turned into a beautiful swan - Grand Dink 250. And despite the fact that the market for maxi scooters in Russia looks pale, the numbers “250” on its inflated sidewalls serve the average man as a promise of superiority over competitors: the larger the engine capacity, the steeper.

A comfortable fit in the saddle with confident feet resting on the ground, rich equipment, a luggage compartment of "automobile" sizes - all these are signs of comfort. The only thing that is surprising is the open (and not traditionally hidden under the seat - it’s more reliable) fuel filler neck. The rear-view mirrors, the two-level saddle and the backrest for the passenger are low-located - all this is “standard”. Although, I repeat, we are talking about a middle class model.

It’s a real pleasure to wander around the city on it! It is worth moving away, and you completely surrender to the movement. No fuss with gearbox and clutch lever - just drive!

The 250 cc engine is just a fairy tale! Without asking a lot from him, I move between cars with pleasure, and when the speedometer needle flies 90 km / h, the variator is reconfigured to a walking mode. Without a doubt, the power is almost 19 hp. enough for hooligan city driving and traffic lights. I think I will not be mistaken if I say that in its class it is one of the fastest motors.


High windshield and large front fairing, thanks to them I, as I wanted, is protected from the wind. Feet free. A long platform allows you to put them under you or stretch them far ahead, this helps to relax on the road and facilitates management.

Another good security argument is the combined brake system. Disc brakes on both wheels work equally efficiently. On no other scooter would I dare to fly into a turn, continuing to actively brake. On the "grandee" this is permissible. At the same time, it remains a mystery, as with a relatively short base (1435 mm) and an acute angle of inclination of the front fork, he feels so confident on a suburban highway. And if the road allows you to go as fast as you like, I get pleasure from it, comparable only with walks in a convertible.

Despite the nervous behavior in slow corners, I manage to compensate for this lack of confident work with the steering wheel and increased attention in the corners. At first it annoys, but after a few kilometers I go with the car "on you" and forget about it.

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