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Video: Mobilize - Оригинальный саундтрек Rome Total War - Джефф ван Дайк 2023, February


Life, alas, rises in price - the more gratifying is that the means of cellular communication are becoming more accessible. Even seven or eight years ago, the person who called someone from the elevator was looked at as the next oligarch, and not a single caricature of the new Russians could do without a “pipe” or a “mobile phone”. Today, according to statistics, Russia is actively striking the first place in the world among users of "SMS" (SMS) - the three cherished Latin letters seriously compete in popularity with the other three, Russian … The requirements for such vehicles are similar for motorists are growing. In addition to the main task of the phone is to make calls, secondary functions become relevant for them. Some diligently record conversations with a traffic cop on the built-in voice recorder, others use the built-in camera and video recording function in order to shoot a “setup” or an accident, and then send a recording to “who should”.

Another fairly popular option is Bluetooth. Thanks to her, complaints about the convenience of Hands Free are not taken into account. Previously, the wires from the microphone and headphones interfered with you and it was more convenient to pick up the phone. Now there are no wires, but we still pick up the phone. And how to explain to the driver that this is dangerous, I can’t imagine!


What is the difference between a smartphone and a communicator? The question worries many, treatises write about this, argue over a cup of coffee. If the first models of both had fundamental differences, the latter, top-end devices are barely distinguishable. I would not want to go into details, but the main thing is to learn. A smartphone is primarily a phone with the functions of a handheld computer, and a communicator - exactly the opposite, a kind of computer with the functions of a phone. And functionally they are very similar - therefore we will agree to call both types with one word “device”.

Such a device allows you to create texts, use the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, and God knows what. This is an open system, like a regular computer: you can install necessary and unnecessary programs there, transfer information from home to work, etc. Almost all of them are equipped with Bluetooth. In addition to car kits, you can connect a full-scale keyboard or GPS receiver to them. I don’t know what about the city, but on the road this thing is convenient, especially if the path is not long. Without interruption from the main functions - to receive and transfer calls - you can watch TV shows or search for your location on the map. Especially for business travelers, such a device will replace a laptop. True, betting on him as a symbol of well-being is not worth it. A person working on a communicator with a full-blown keyboard somewhere in a public place, and wants to submit a purchase … laptop. In general, a comfortable toy and quite suitable for a motorist, but expensive: an average of about 600 cu (A good laptop can be bought for 1000, and a phone for 100 cu). One hope - in the cellular market due to its rapid development, everything is rapidly becoming cheaper. I hope that communicators will not be an exception.


Bluetooth, or wireless, is becoming increasingly popular. Many motorists have long tried the new product, but because its sales have seriously grown. It’s convenient all the same: I put a microphone in my ear - and that's all. You don’t even have to get the phone. He lies in his bag, and the chances of forgetting it in plain sight in the car (and then changing the side window) are rapidly declining. But a panacea for all auto-mobile troubles, we consider a set of wireless speakerphone. There are microfonishes that you can attach to the steering wheel and chat quietly, but in this case you have to turn off the radio yourself. It’s easier, of course, to entrust this to a specially trained device installed directly into “music”. Broadcast in this case will go through the speakers of the radio, making audibility, even in domestic cars, noticeably improved.

In general, wireless systems are currently the most convenient accessory for the driver. But unfortunately, Bluetooth is imperfect - using it significantly speeds up the battery drain on the phone. Many drivers recharge it during the trip. Therefore, even if you have the most sophisticated phone and a bunch of wireless attributes, you still need to get the charger and attach the phone to it - all the charm of the anti-sclerosis mechanism disappears.

Of course, when buying an expensive toy, whether it be a communicator or a phone, a person clearly cares about the image, focusing on fashion trends and the design of the device. Was it worth buying such a phone, if its fate is to lie in a bag or pocket?

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