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Waiting For The "Logan"

Video: Waiting For The "Logan"
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Waiting For The "Logan"
Waiting For The "Logan"

Unfortunately, here we must name our largest automaker - AvtoVAZ. Sellers "lad" did not wait for the traditional spring surge in consumer interest in cars from Togliatti. In the first four months of 2005, a total of 190, 297 vehicles were sold, which is 15.9% less than in the same period last year. In this regard, it was necessary to reduce the annual production plan by almost 40 thousand cars, transfer the plant to a five-day work week and reduce the number by 4 thousand people. And all the same, in May, over 60 thousand cars were in the service-sales network!

There is no need to go far for explanations of this “phenomenon” - Russian cars have always chosen not with their hearts, but with a wallet. But when the price of “people’s” came close to the cost of inexpensive foreign cars, potential buyers reached out to UzDau, Hyundai, KIA, etc. By the way, here one could make an excursion into the recent past. The same "ten" appeared on the market in 1996 at a price of 11-12 thousand dollars and sold poorly. In 1997–1998 the price was reduced to 7.5 thousand and sales immediately revived. The August crisis of 1998 “dropped” prices to 4.5–5 thousand dollars, and sales increased sharply - to 200 thousand per year in 2001. But at the same time prices were rising: in 2003, the “ten” cost an average of 6 thousand dollars, in the past - 7 thousand, and now - all 8 thousand. The result, as they say, is evident - at the dealerships.

As if these mistakes were not repeated by Kalina, which finally appeared in car dealerships in the form of a freight car. AVTOVAZ seems to have recommended a retail price of 222 thousand rubles, but now demand exceeds supply, and dealers sell sedans for 270–280 thousand rubles. (10 thousand dollars!). Yes, while there is a slight stir, but how long will it last? According to forecasts, Kalina may have success in the market in the future if the price is at the level of 7 thousand dollars. Nobody can guarantee this at AvtoVAZ …

And more about the prices. In May-June, the JV-Em-AvtoVAZ joint venture set a uniform price for all official Russian dealers on the Chevrolet Viva - 450 thousand rubles in GLS configuration. This is not much more expensive than last fall when they launched production. Then for "Viva" they asked for 432 thousand rubles. However, in March, prices rose sharply: equipment immediately rose by 52 thousand rubles. Now you have to come up with significant discounts to revive demand. But wasn’t it easier to immediately calculate everything and establish the real value of the model, so as not to shy away later?

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