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A Little Slower, “HORSES”

Video: A Little Slower, “HORSES”
Video: A little slower horses, slightly slower. Чуть помедленнее кони. Чуть помедленнее... 2023, February
A Little Slower, “HORSES”
A Little Slower, “HORSES”

Comfort suffers, but soft "American" settings worsen handling and stability. And with increasing speeds, they get priority over comfort.

In expensive cars, the parameters of shock absorbers are changed by electronics at the request of the driver or depending on the condition of the road. Is it possible to get by with mechanics?


Attempts to find such a solution were reflected in Monro Sensatrac shock absorbers, the characteristics of which changed depending on the stroke of the rod. And now there has been a long-awaited breakthrough: Koni has released FSD shock absorbers (Frequenz Selective Da..mpfung - frequency-selective damping) that respond to the speed of the rod.

The secret is in a tricky valve that reduces fluid flow in the event of a high shock absorber load. Thus, at high speed, with sharp and frequent maneuvering, the stiffness of the suspension increases markedly - handling improves. With a smooth, quiet ride, on the contrary, an additional channel opens, and riders can fully enjoy the comfort.

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