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When A Lot Of Car
When A Lot Of Car

In our country (there is nothing more to be said about the Volga mentioned above), they produce Barguzin (ZR, 2005, No. 4), UAZ minibuses (if anyone does not understand, they call it “loaves” in Ulyanovsk) and, finally, “Hope” VAZ 2120. The first two cars are more likely commercial, therefore we will not consider them here. But with "Hope" just start.

"HOPE" VAZ 2120: CLOSED, BUT WITH ALL-wheel drive

The manufacturer’s desire to include a minivan in his program is understandable. But when they do it from what is at hand, they do not always achieve the goal. The minivan turned out to be cramped (ЗР, 2005, No. 4), and not only for the passengers of the last row. In the seven-seater version, the trunk is more than modest - at the Oka or Matiz, and even more. True, if the places of the last row are not claimed, the cargo compartment can be approximated in volume to the "top ten". But we note another thing: Niva shared with Nadezhda all-wheel drive!

Today, minivans are sold both with a 1.8 liter carburetor engine, and with 1.8 and 1.7 liter engines that meet Euro II. The latter cost about $ 250 more than carburetor.


This is the formula of most passenger station wagons that can accommodate seven - adults in the last row closely. For Peugeot 307 Break, this formula fits perfectly. Five-seat station wagons are supplied to our market, but to increase the number of seats, additional seats can be installed. They are ordered as spare parts (19 thousand rubles each) and installed in a service center. You can, by the way, choose a six-seat layout.

Station wagon is offered in two versions - "Break" and SW. The first - with a metal roof, the second - with a glass (huge, almost the entire ceiling). Of course, SW is more expensive (about $ 3250), but its basic package includes air conditioning, a more expensive radio, power mirrors and some other nice things. By the way, a 2-liter engine is offered only for this version.


“Sliding side doors are cleaned along the guide without violating the overall smoothness of the body …” - I read on the website of the official dealer about “KIA Carnival”. Fortunately, the car is much more successful than its description. This is a truly seven-seater car. In addition, one of the most affordable in our market - thanks in large part to the Kaliningrad assembly. When you first get acquainted with prices, you pay attention: the option with a diesel engine is cheaper than gasoline. True, quite a bit. The diesel, by the way, is quite full: 2.9 liters with a maximum torque of more than 300 N.m.

If you are interested in KIA, be prepared for the fact that you will not see him live in all the salons of official dealers. They say that the reason is in the relationship with the manufacturer, acting on the principle: "in the morning money - in the evening chairs." Most likely, you will have to order a car and wait about a month. The undoubted advantages of the “Carnival” include the availability of inexpensive trim levels, even with an automatic transmission.


If there is no road or it is very poor, we look at all-wheel drive cars. Among the seven-seater, Suzuki-Grand Vitara XL-7 is interesting - Japanese and at the same time relatively inexpensive (from $ 33, 600).

The frame design, there is a lower gear, the front axle is hard-wired. There are two options to choose from - rich and very rich. You can choose a manual or automatic gearbox, but there is only one engine - 2.7 liter gasoline.

An alternative to the XL-7, of course, is. Say, you can wait for the seven-seater Sanyon-Rekston, which they promise to collect in Naberezhnye Chelny ($ 25 thousand) from the end of the year, or buy Nissan Patrol GR / Nissan Patrol ($ 55 thousand) today.


He deserves attention already because this elongated modification appeared at Russian dealers recently. The car is based on the Megan II platform, so it can be conditionally called a long micro-van. As in the case of the Peugeot 307, the French showed their love for large glass roofs and many "glove compartments". Niches and pockets hidden, including under the seats and in the floor, have a total volume of more than 90 liters!

For all versions of the Grand Scenic, a mechanical or automatic transmission is possible, and a six-speed “mechanics” is offered for a two-liter engine. The car has a “five plus two” circuit - adults are closely behind. But this is offset by rich basic equipment and very good handling for van.


Do not be surprised, and this happens. The car is offered in seven- and six-seater versions, and in the latter version, along with more comfortable second-row seats, there is a stabilization system, dual-zone climate control, roof rails, two sunroofs, headlight washers and more. Options at approximately $ 3200.

The most affordable "Grandis" with a manual transmission can be bought for $ 30, 790, but even in this case you will get climate control, full power accessories, a radio with CD. There is only one engine - a 2.4-liter, but quite modern. What is at least a control system for lifting the intake valves - for two three cams (ЗР, 2004, No. 6). Two gearboxes - mechanical and "automatic".

You can’t call Mitsubishi service cheap, but there is reason to hope that you will rarely have to turn to a service.

By the way, you probably managed to read at the beginning of this issue about the Toyota Corolla Verso or three roomy SUVs.

Basic complete sets:

"HOPE" VAZ 2120

Basic equipment: Power Steering, steering wheel adjustment, power windows, central locking, immobilizer, full-size spare wheel.

Peugeot 307 BRAKE

Basic equipment: Power Steering, ABS, airbag for driver and passenger, driver's seat height adjustment, steering wheel height and tilt adjustment, fog lights, radio, front door electric windows, central locking, immobilizer, full-size spare wheel.

Kia carnival

Basic equipment: Power Steering, ABS, air conditioning, leather steering wheel and gear lever, airbags for the driver and passenger, steering wheel height adjustment, audio conditioning, central locking, immobilizer, full-size spare wheel.


Basic equipment: Power Steering, ABS, climate control, leather steering wheel and gearbox lever, driver and passenger airbags, alloy wheels, steering wheel adjustment in height, fog lights, radio, power windows for all doors, power mirrors, heated front seats and mirrors, central locking, immobilizer, full-size spare wheel.

RENAULT GRAND Renault Scenic II / "> Scenic II

Basic equipment: power steering, ABS, air conditioning, front and side airbags, steering wheel adjustment in height, fog lights, power windows for all doors, power mirrors, heated mirrors, central locking, immobilizer, full-size spare wheel.

Mitsubishi grandis

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