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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Gift Horse
Gift Horse

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The BM 150 is the second cruiser in my driving practice, the first was the Ural-Wolf, which was tested on the instructions of the publisher. So there is nothing to compare with, although motorcycles are very different.

After testing, the motorcycle was called the "Humpbacked Horse" - it is designed for a person of average height and build. Side wardrobe trunks give some “hunchbacks”; the high steering wheel plays the role of the spreading ears held by the Ershov character. A large number of light bulbs and chrome shine enhance the feeling of fabulousness.

True, the charm of magic evaporated when it was necessary to connect the wires coming from the bulbs of wardrobe trunks and flashing lights, randomly thrown under the seat. Not only are there a lot of them and their “dads” or “mothers” are not assembled into individual connectors, so are the different color wires to be connected. I had to spend more than one hour with the tester in my hands to make out this puzzle. And still, in the end, two unclaimed wires remained.

I was alerted by the abundance of plastic. Even the "glass" headlights are plastic. Therefore, the motorcycle is lightweight and small scratches do not “bleed” with rust. I think the next generation will no longer be complex about this …

Unusual gear shifting "in a circle." That is, all gears during acceleration, up to the fifth, are engaged by starting down on the lever. After the fifth, the “neutral" turns on, and then everything is done in a new way. I was lucky - still fresh memories of "Java", where 2, 3 and 4 programs were included in the same way. The digital indicator mounted on the speedometer scale makes it easier to get used to - it is true that it is almost invisible in bright sunlight.

A combination of control devices has been thought out - nothing more: a speedometer, a tachometer, a voltmeter and a gasoline level gauge in the tank. A completely unexpected option - when the mobile phone rings, the light on the dashboard lights up.

I liked the soft work of the pendants - I became especially sensitive to this quality, having traveled on the Wolf for two years. Of course, these are not endurous "long-rovers", but blows and shaking are not transmitted to the body, and there is no "musical" accompaniment in the form of clanks and creaks.

The rear drum brake is frankly weak, and the pedal is uncomfortable with a “stake”, so when braking, you need to shift the foot and lift the sock high. Front - disc, although single-piston and without frills, but copes with the task.

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