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"Huntsman" Does Not Drive Hares


Video: "Huntsman" Does Not Drive Hares

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Video: Munster sabs verbally attacked by United Hunts huntsman 2023, January
"Huntsman" Does Not Drive Hares
"Huntsman" Does Not Drive Hares

- Where does this addiction to Lexus come from?

- Dima Nagiyev advised me to buy this car. My first car was an Opel Vectra, and when I sold it, we went to the market. I wanted the “five” BMW, but Dima said, pointing to Lexus: “Look, they all have the same name inside, but what name!” And he turned out to be right.

- Do you ride a jeep only around Petersburg?

- I’ve already been to Odessa on it, Sevastopol and Yalta have traveled!

- And as in Ukraine, there were no problems with gasoline?

- There were some more (laughs). Once the tank is empty, and they do not accept dollars at a gas station. He asked me to sell at least 5 liters in order to get to the exchange office - they refused. Turned to the Ukrainian traffic cop-

Kam, but they also refused dollars. I think if they had to pay a fine, they would take it with pleasure!

- How did you get out of the situation?

- Some guy, another driver exchanged money and shared gasoline.

- Were you not afraid to go so far in such a car?

- Many told me: “What if you pierce the wheel? And if the bandits?”(Laughs.) We only got a day and a half, at a speed of 170-180 km / h you go, and that's fine. You know, it’s so great to get up at 9 in the morning and go to the beach in your car!

- For the bandits you after so many "gangster" roles almost your own …

“Yes, that's for sure!” Soon there will be a new series where I play a fireman. The film is directed by the Russian Special Forces director. When they watched the working material, he laughed: “Now the firemen will love you!”

- Did you manage to drive the fire truck?

- They didn’t let me drive. He sat in the cab, but was not allowed to drive - everything was very fast on the set, there was no time to get distracted.

- Why did you decide to change the car?

- When friends and acquaintances said: “The black jeep is yours!”, Everything in me protested. Maybe because then I did not have money. This happens, for example, when a very beautiful girl walks by, and

the man knows that he will definitely never get it, and says: “Not to my taste!”, but actually thinks: “Eh …”

“Still, is a jeep your car?”

“He is aggressive and rude, but not without grace.” In general, this jeep is a repetition of my inner world, the embodiment of my creed. Now I dream to buy a sports Lexus, small, then I will have a whole family.

- So, you bought a new jeep, because the desires and opportunities coincided?

- The car, by the way, is new, it is two years old. I don’t like new cars.

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