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Pioneer Dawn


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Video: Эндуро-гонка "Пионерская зорька" (Кемерово, 12.05.2018)....Enduro-race "Pioneer Dawn" (Kemerovo) 2023, February
Pioneer Dawn
Pioneer Dawn

Topics at the meeting were considered the most serious, but to some of those who are commonly called ordinary motorists, they seemed unimportant. Maybe because shortly before that someone started a rumor: the government is going to ban the “right” steering wheel! As a result, thousands of people protesting against such a measure took to the streets of Russian cities. By the way, the issue of this was not even on the agenda of the government meeting. It was discussed quite another.


It turned out that our motorists were very lucky: the concept of development of the automobile industry was adopted in the country three years ago and became the first industry program. The aviation industry, for example, still does not have one. True, it is not clear whether or not to be happy about this: over the past three years, they have only done that they have sharply raised customs duties on used foreign cars. However, no. The Minister of Industry and Energy Viktor Khristenko also noted that during this time “the debt on payments to the federal budget of the enterprises of the industry has been restructured” and “the necessary preparatory work has been carried out to switch to European technical and environmental standards”. Of course, all this is important, but it seems that the concept had only a distant relation to the real events that took place in the life of the country. Let’s say, they started up conveyors at their Ford, GM-AvtoVAZ and other assembly plants, only government officials didn’t even come for their opening - they didn’t find the time!

But this, we assume, is in the past: all sins are on the conscience of previous ministers. The current Ministry of Industry and Energy, coupled with the Ministry of Economic Development, despite the resistance of the domestic auto lobby, “pushed” the decision to reduce duties on auto components. And at the meeting V. Khristenko voiced a very revolutionary decision.

- What do you think is the domestic automotive industry? They asked him.

“I believe that automobile production in Russia is the Russian auto industry,” he answered clearly, thereby making it clear that the ministry did not divide the industry into “ours” and “not ours”, and henceforth the rules of the game are the same for Renault, that for GAZ. Well, and this is a step forward for us …


How much has been written and said about the need for the transition of our car industry to modern environmental standards! The obligatoriness of such a step is also spelled out in government decrees, but things, as they say … At the meeting, a new deadline for the introduction of Euro II standards was determined: from January 1, 2006. And this means that approximately half of all passenger cars produced at our "old" auto industries (470 thousand out of 960; all rear-wheel drive models plus "Oka") will either have to change qualitatively or leave the conveyor nobly.

“For consumers, the introduction of new standards will automatically entail a rise in price of cars,” says Andrey Deineko, director of the industry department of the Ministry of Industry and Energy. - For example, the “classic” rises in price by an average of 450 dollars. This is a lot, but still they will take the “four”. But Oka (plus $ 355) and Oda (plus 450) are already becoming uninteresting for them. The factories themselves, according to their assurances, can quickly rebuild, but will the market accept their products?

And then another question arises: what to do with thirteen million cars (at best “decades”) that run along our roads? What environmental standards can be discussed in general?

“The main emphasis in measures to upgrade the fleet should be made not on the ban on old cars, but on the creation of incentives for their disposal,” the minister said. - As a result, it should become economically inefficient to use an old car! This can be done, for example, through increasing ratios when calculating transport tax or insurance rates for compulsory motor third-party liability insurance for cars older than 10 years …

It is no secret to anyone that the government is discussing the possibility of introducing “prohibitive” customs duties on cars older than 5 years. However, if such a decision is made, it will not be earlier than autumn.

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