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SsangYong Rexton. ZMA Revolution


Video: SsangYong Rexton. ZMA Revolution

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Video: Обновленный пикап SsangYong Rexton Sports застукали без камуфляжа. | SsangYong Rexton (2021). 2023, January
SsangYong Rexton. ZMA Revolution
SsangYong Rexton. ZMA Revolution

NON-DURR factory

According to Shvetsov, in search of a site suitable for the production of this model, Severstal-Auto experts traveled all over Russia and delivered their verdict - it’s better not to find ZMA. And they got down to business with redoubled energy: at the moment, the transaction on the acquisition by the company of 99.6% of the shares of the Plant of small cars from KamAZ and the Government of Tatarstan has been completed. Investments in the project will amount to at least $ 75 million, of which about $ 50 million was worth the plant, and $ 20 million will go to purchase equipment.

What are the experts so attracted to the plant for the production of minicars, because at first glance it is not at all suitable for the production of large SUVs like Rexton? That's just the point, that only on the first. ZMA has a modern production structure, including welding, painting and assembly, there are no non-core workshops, there are free areas prepared for equipment for new projects. The company management really liked the new DURR painting complex, commissioned at the end of 2003 - Shvetsov is sure that it can be configured to paint absolutely any passenger car. Due to these features, the launch of each new model at ZMA will cost only $ 5 million - for the welding workshop.

Korean brothers

So, the choice has been made, and already in December of this year, Rexton SUVs for $ 25-30 thousand will leave the ZMA gate (the sign will probably be replaced), alternating with Oka. And then three more Korean models will join them: two jeeps and MPV Rodius. The first of the SUVs will be settled in Naberezhnye Chelny six months after the launch of Rexton - this will be the new Ssang Yong model. So far, it is only known about her that the cost of the “Russian edition” will be in the range of $ 20 thousand. At ZMA they plan to produce about 25 thousand of such cars a year.

In another six months, another SUV will be launched with a circulation of about 5 thousand a year - more of a sports plan. And even later, Rodius will be put on the conveyor (the estimated output is no more than 3 thousand a year).

Gradually, all cars will be localized - after about a year, all plastic, wheels, tires, gearbox, windows and all kinds of "little things" will be replaced by domestic ones. And in a year and a half, “Alaverdi” will happen: UAZ Patriot, which has not yet been launched into production, will be transferred to the Ssang Yong platform.

A little more should be said about the "firstborn." The planned production volume of the Rexton SUV is 10 thousand units per year. For starters, the most expensive and powerful version with a 3.2-liter gasoline engine will appear, and later cars with more budgetary 2.3-liter engines will begin to be stamped. There will be a Ssang Yong with a diesel engine. Later.

The corporation is going to sell Korean cars of Russian production through a dealer network, the creation of which Severstal-Auto is working hard. Korean imports will also be served here. Contracts have already been signed with 15 dealers, and there should be about 35 in total.

What about the Oka?

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