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Tuning Acura Integra LS. Acurabot - More Than Visible

Video: Tuning Acura Integra LS. Acurabot - More Than Visible
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Tuning Acura Integra LS. Acurabot - More Than Visible
Tuning Acura Integra LS. Acurabot - More Than Visible

Let's not darken, because at first glance it is clear that Acurabot is not a private project. This is the latest show of Blaupunkt, one of the most distinguished manufacturers of auto electronics. Although the car belongs to one person. His name is Tedzhej Des - this black guy and came up with the most important thing that was done in the car. And in the implementation of the project he was helped by a whole team of installers: Cameron Gunn, Dominic Nguyen, Bernard Sandy, Dan Baird, Simon Rowe and Jeff Schwartz.

Contrary to usual practice, the concept is built on the basis of a used car, bought back in 1988. This is the usual Integra LS, with an engine without a Vtec system. In 1999, her transformation began, and in the same year, Taj got the prize for the best vinyl graphics at an exhibition in Ontario (the name of the show is more than loud - Import Revolution'99). “Then,” says Daes, “I was hooked.”

After that, Acurabot went through three revolutionary transformations. Each time, the alterations concerned technology, appearance, and sound. Finally, in 2003, preparing for the next reincarnation of Integra, Des gathered his "dream team." The guys managed five points: in Canada, the project received the prize "Best in the Show", in Chicago - "Best Stereo" …

In this machine, one could always trace the topic of transformer. She goes to Des’s childhood: “When I realized that the great showman needed his own theme, I figured it would be nice to expand the Transformers theme. Well, do you know these kids toys? I've always loved these, especially cars. And now I like it when someone says that this car makes you remember your childhood.” That's where the name comes from! The Autobots were the team of transformers invented by the writer Riste Ailen. In the USA it is a classic.

The brightest period in the existence of Acurabot began recently - six months ago, at the exhibition of auto electronics and tuning. “This was the hardest job for us,” says Daes. In order to do what was planned and be on time, I had to kick the guys, bringing them to the absolute limit of possibilities. In the end, we were completely exhausted. But I think - and everyone will confirm - that was the best we have ever done. The machine speaks for itself."

Of course, the most important thing here is the audio system. It is all based on Blaupunkt components. Four sets of speakers are mounted in the doors, under the hood (!) And in the trunk. Four 12-inch Blaupunkt Velocity subwoofers stand in the console in place of the rear seat. The fifth is on the roof. All this set is served by five Velocity VA2100 amplifiers. A bass speaker "pumps" a pair of VA2200.

Audio installation and external tuning were done by Phantom Car Audio from Ontario. It belongs to Dan Baird. Gann and Schwartz took an active part in the work on the video. The first one came up with how to put 28 monitors, including a central one, built into the console in the unit in the Chicago DVD player. There are three more Blaupunkt DVD players, TravelPilot navigation system and America SIRIUS satellite radio. In addition, under the dashboard is Sony Playstation 2, and a couple of rear cameras are built into the trunk lid. They resemble the eyes of one of the transformer robots.

Futuristic adds and body kit NSX style EVO5. Doors of the Lamborghini type also work on the same effect.

The resemblance to a giant robot is not visible, but it is felt. Just about to rise from the floor, turn around …

Appearance "brought to mind" painting workshop BKS Bernard Sandy. There they removed all the "excess" from the body - protrusions, emblems, other tinsel, added some tuning small things, painted and polished.

Airbrushing - external and internal - was handled by Dominic Nguyen, owner of Dominique Designs.

The car rests on Cusco suspension, Type R rear levers, Vibrant and Ti stabilizers. The brake system was upgraded with 13-inch AEM discs. They are quietly housed in 19-inch CR Racing Hart wheels that carry Neo Gen tires. All components of the suspension are rich, American-style, chrome-plated. The brakes were set by Simon Row of Rowe Tech.

The B18B LS V-Tec engine was discharged, and a two-liter engine from Allen Neverett from HTP engineering, generously packed with JE parts, was put in its place. Alain also worked with the fuel system, with the intake and exhaust, with the cooling system … There is a complete mess of brands, including the most advanced ones, such as 5Zigen. The highlight of the tuning is the Vortech supercharger, specially adapted for the Acurabot automatic transmission. Not without the Zex nitrous injection system. The engine program was written by Paul Nyydring of Nee-Tronics.

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