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Alfa Romeo 156. Aggressive Move

Video: Alfa Romeo 156. Aggressive Move
Video: ALFA ROMEO 156 GTA: Итальянские манеры 2023, February
Alfa Romeo 156. Aggressive Move
Alfa Romeo 156. Aggressive Move

The calculation is simple. Firstly, the “delicacy” draws attention to the rest of the product, and secondly, not all buyers who crave the exclusive, intend to invest a lot of time and energy to improve the standard machine. Much easier to immediately get something ready.

The Alfa-Romeo 156 presented here, created by Sound Service and displayed in the Avtositi-K salon, is one of those children of commercial tuning.


It is clear - to improve such a harmonious outwardly and balanced car as the Alpha filling, domestic specialists had to do without garage technology.

The clothes of the Italian beauty are sewn in the latest fashion, made of Kadamuro components, using plastic parts and carbon lining. In addition to bumpers, sills, spoilers, radiator grilles, even a new hood appeared with the sonorous name “Maranello Special”. In addition to the “body kit”, the aggressive exterior of the “156th” is formed by two pipes of the direct-flow exhaust system “Ragazzon” of the DTM model, tinted windows, seventeen-inch chrome wheels and alternative optics in a circle. In general, it looks original - “Alpha” looks like a car that has just left the ring road racing circuit.

In the cabin, more reminiscent of the cockpit, the continuation of the aggressive sports theme is an abundance of aluminum. The platform for rest of the left foot, pedals, the edging of the gear lever, the insert on the center console, door sills and many little things are made of “winged” metal. The steering wheel, the knobs of the gear lever and the handbrake are covered with leather to match the seats. By the way, the latter are standard, they are convenient and keep the body well in turns. On the left front desk there are additional dials in the style of those that are present on the dashboard and center console. These are indicators of turbine pressure and exhaust gas temperatures.


Yes, yes, the Alfa Romeo 2.0 Twin Spark engine is turbocharged. As standard, it develops 155 liters. with., and with the help of a kit from the British company Autodelta, which was based on the Garrett T25 turbocharger, an intercooler and a modified control controller, it was possible to remove 235 liters. with. And without that, quite a frisky car gained additional breath. Naturally, you feel a significant addition not only at the “top” - the engine pleases with excellent traction, as soon as the tachometer needle will exceed 2000 rpm. The only thing that does not harmonize with the fervent nature of the forced motor is the difficulty in shifting from first gear to second when accelerating “gas to the floor”. In this case, the gearbox requires a solid hand and even more solid skills.

But the ceramic clutch pleases. It is believed that it is very difficult for an ordinary driver to adapt to his work. And indeed it is. However, in our case, the masters did their best: the clutch is quite adapted for normal driving.

The chassis of the "156th" was also modernized. Standard shock absorbers gave way to the Koni gas-hydraulic with adjustable rebound force, instead of serial springs, Alfa-Sport products were installed, replaced with more rigid and anti-roll bars. Such improvements will radically change the driving performance of some family “Korean." With Alpha, another factory tuned for an active driver, it happened differently. In general, the general line of her behavior on the road remained the same, and the result of improvements was manifested in the fact that the car became more assembled, dense. A stiffer suspension copes well with our asphalt, which is far from ideal. At the same time, an acceptable ride was preserved: even slightly more rigid settings - and it would be already uncomfortable.

The agility vehicle received new tenacious brakes. In front is the Autodelt kit, which consists of strong reinforced hoses, Brembo four-piston sports calipers, pads and perforated brake discs with a diameter of 305 mm (standard dimension is 284 mm). Big brakes with standard sixteen-inch wheels are no longer compatible - the car is shod in seventeen-inch ones.

It is a pity that the improvement of the brake system is adjacent to the inherent lack of Alpha, which you can’t get rid of. The car’s pedal assembly is too tight - it’s difficult to shift the foot from gas to brake even in ordinary shoes with a not too wide welt, and so much so that for the sake of safety it’s just right to refuse trips in winter. What insulated boots are there! Only narrow summer sneakers will not fall into the trap.

The expensive aerodynamic kit also does not contribute to intensive winter operation. New bumpers and door sills have reduced ground clearance so much that contact with snow and ice cannot be avoided.

However, "Alpha" from a galaxy of thoroughbred cars for a narrow circle of fans who forgive a number of its shortcomings, fading against the backdrop of undoubted advantages. The revised "156th" is no exception. Her arsenal is explosive dynamics, outstanding driving performance, an extraordinary exterior and interior.


A car along with a full range of finishing work costs 46 thousand dollars. What can you buy for the money? "Mitsubishi Lancer /"> Mitsubishi 3000 GT / "> Mitsubishi 3000 GT /"> Mitsubishi 3000 GTnbsp; nbsp; Lancer Evo VIII "and" Subaru Impreza / "> Subaru Impreza WRX Sti" with all driving wheels are offered at a similar price. But they are representatives of a completely different ideology - they have much more in common with rally cars than with heroes of asphalt tracks. In addition, Alpha is a higher-class car, and this is noticeable.

In direct competitors of our Alpha, you can easily record only the “hot” Swedish models “SAAB 9-5 Aero” and “Volvo S40 /”> Volvo S40 / “> Volvo S40nbsp; S60 T5.” “Scandinavians” and “Italian "A lot in common: the status of prestigious cars, front-wheel drive, turbocharged engines of comparable power, sports orientation. At the same time, the modified Alpha is cheaper than Swedish serial sedans, it is truly exclusive, and the whole range of improvements emphasizes the racing pedigree so beloved by fans of this brand.

Alfa romeo 156

Body: Sedan, number of doors - 4, number of seats - 5, stretching of the support cups of the front struts of the OMR. Cadamuro aerodynamic kit: hood, front and rear bumpers, door sills, wing, spoiler, grille. Hella bi-xenon main and xenon fog lights, APC combined rear lights.

Engine: 4-cylinder Alfa Romeo Twin Spark, 2.0 L, 173 kW / 235 L with., an individually modified engine control program, a turbocharger with an intercooler, an exhaust manifold, a reception pipe and an additional Autodelta oil cooling radiator. Ragazzon resonator and exhaust pipe silencer, K&N low-resistance air filter.

Transmission: Ceramic clutch Autodelta. The gearbox is serial - five-speed, mechanical.

Suspension: Koni Sport two-pipe gas-hydraulic adjustable shock absorbers, Alfa Sport reinforced springs, anti-roll bars of increased stiffness.

Brakes: Perforated ventilated front discs, 4-piston Brembo calipers, set of brake pads and reinforced hoses.

Wheels: Wheels - ATP INOX, tires - Yokohama 215 / 45R17.

Equipment: Leather-wrapped steering wheel, knobs of gear lever and hand brake. Aluminum interior details: gear lever trim, sills, door lock buttons (all - Zender), pedals (Novitec). Blitz boost pressure and exhaust temperature indicators, parking sensors, Pioneer DVD audio system, electric hood opening lock, built-in telephone, tinted windows.

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