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The Art Of Rebellion

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The Art Of Rebellion
The Art Of Rebellion

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What is a sin to hide, we do not like the United States. No, of course, the States are a great power and its greatness is not granted by God, but created by people. And at the same time, in the eyes of very many, this is a country of hamburgers and bowling alleys, which scurry around the eternally chewing terribly fat Yankees-housewives on hefty SUVs with a cellphone pressed to their ears.

Another generally accepted stamp: an American motorcycle is a retro-style cruiser with archaic mechanics - such a framework was established by some dominant company, and all the rest of the bar … um, manufacturers obediently follow it. But, again, do not rush to conclusions. Confederate Motorcycles thrives on the nonconformist bowler in New Orleans. She demonstrated her originality by launching the F124 Hellcat maxi-cruiser (Hell Cat): an almost superbike with a powerful 2-liter engine, a gearbox with vertically arranged shafts, an upside down fork and a 6-piston brake caliper. And with its latest creation - the Wraith model - the company has surpassed even Cat. How do you like this cruiser: a combination of carbon fiber and an archaic parallelogram fork, minimalist design and fantastic contempt for the established canons? No wonder the motto of the company is "The art of rebellion."

The creator of this miracle motorcycle JT Nesbitt began work on the project in 2002. First he built a 20-cm model, then a life-size model (a solid approach!) And only after he made a running prototype with a 1550 cc S&S engine. The first launch took place in September last year: Nesbitt grabbed a bit along the local highway (just to make sure the gears are shifting correctly), then the motorcycle was loaded onto a truck and sent to Bonville Salt Lake. There, Confederate electrical engineer Chris Roberts raced on it at a speed of 210 km / h. Not bad for a rolling prototype! And the car was sent to the new owner, a dealer from Los Angeles. He admitted that he only wants to admire the motorcycle, and not ride it - so Wraith No. 1 is doomed to the fate of the museum exhibit.

And assembly number 2 was already completed with me - the guys got a bit out of schedule. So I became the first non-Confederate Motorcycles person who was entrusted with riding this Wraith.

A few words about the name (which reads “rate” - approx. “Moto”). Wraith is such and such a vile ghost from Scottish mythology. And its exceptional abomination is that it is YOUR OWN GHOST! A foggy old man appears in front of the self-made bright eyes and, giggling foully, announces: “Ku-ku, dear! See you soon!”So it’s worth placing signs on serial Wraith:“The Ministry of Health warned …”


But closer to the point. I rode many motorcycles with an unusual front suspension system - from Bimota Tesi to the newest BMW K1200R, so it’s hard to surprise me with anything. But Wraith truly surprised me! When I sat down on a carbon fiber seat, molded in the form of … uh, the driver’s mate, I found that nothing like this had to be run around. Fortunately, the frightening feathers of the fork are not visible from the driver's seat - only the connecting metal levers that gently sway when the Traxxion Dynamics shock absorber smooths out road bumps. But soon you stop paying attention to them - it takes a different task: how not to burn your knees on the head of the rear cylinder. Surprisingly, but for two days of driving, I never got into gear! But the future owner will have to get used to this idiotic landing …

Imagine there is neither a gas tank, nor even an air filter in front, so there is nothing to wrap around your knees! You sit almost on the motor - only a narrow carbon ridge of the frame separates it from it. The steps are not laid back at all in a cruise way, which, combined with a low steering wheel, forms an almost sportbike landing. And it is precisely then that you feel that the main element of such a landing is very lacking: there is nothing to wrap your knees around to screw the motorcycle into a turn. And how not to screw it in if the motorcycle is shod in Metzeler Sportrac 17-inch tires - they provoke a tighter turn, the steering geometry is such that it only inflames the desire to “lie down on the tank” lower … But how, if you don’t move from the saddle, Do not hang over ?!

But hold on tight to this wide steering wheel! After all, the bike is controlled and slows down just like a racing shell - at least now sign up for the ProTwins class. A radical American alternative, confronting Aprilia Tuono and Ducati Monster! If you want, Wraith is their ghost that glides along the bumpy road of the American hinterland. It is especially impressive when you hit a pothole at a speed of 130 km / h in a strong roll: the motorcycle does not even try to buck up and fly off the trajectory. Bravo, JT, you did a great job on chassis geometry! Amazing result … Especially for a former waiter …

Well, let's estimate: the base is 1485 mm, the angle of the steering column is 27 degrees, the offset is 98 mm. Bah, these are the parameters of a sport bike, not a cruiser! The motorcycle was created in order to anneal along the roads, and not for leisurely flanning along the boulevards. And the mass - 189 kg - by cruise standards is simply ridiculous!

But he traveled and realized: alas, his engine was that of an uncouth merchants-merchants in the salon for a million dollars. On this motorcycle was not S&S, as on the prototype, but Revolution Performance with a working volume of “only” 1490 cm. The trouble is not even that: on paper, the engine produces 125 hp. (on the rear wheel!), but only to these parameters still bring it and bring. On the first day, the car began to twitch and shoot at carburetors, it was only necessary to open the gas more. Then we replaced the Super G carburetors with a 48 mm diffuser diameter with the Dell'Orto 42 mm. It got better. But - not shine. In such a chassis - yes a modern V-shaped “two” liquid cooling. Well, an Aprilia motor with a camber angle of 60 degrees would be a good fit.

Well, the car starts, drives, and drives quite well for the still “warm” prototype (it was literally assembled with me). What is her future fate: will she remain an effective show-stopper for showing at exhibitions?

- Nothing like this! - assured Matt Chambers, the owner of the company. - Wraith will be the second Confederate model, and we will begin mass production at the end of this summer - about $ 55, 000 per item. We’ll have a party in New Orleans for Halloween, where we will show production cars - by the time there are already a dozen of them. Remember, you are invited - write in your diary!

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