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Getting Ready For A Vehicle Inspection. PIKO-KOZYRY


Video: Getting Ready For A Vehicle Inspection. PIKO-KOZYRY

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Toyota Certified 160 Point Inspection 2023, January
Getting Ready For A Vehicle Inspection. PIKO-KOZYRY
Getting Ready For A Vehicle Inspection. PIKO-KOZYRY

NOT APPLYING HANDS. No, I apologize for the expression, there is no voluntarism in this matter. And there is the state standard of the Russian Federation *, which clearly indicates where, what, what and how to control. True, they composed it in the best domestic traditions. On the one hand, it is, of course, strict, on the other hand, in almost every section there is a drawbar that allows interpreting the requirements “according to circumstances”. Take at least a car test on studded tires. There is no direct prohibition in the standard - you can come for inspection in seasonal shoes. But … "when checking, the operating instructions for the stand must be observed!" And there is most often a categorical demand: no spikes! - After all, ordinary commercials wear out instantly because of them. (Of course, there are exceptions, but they are very expensive.) So if you are sent to change your shoes at the PIK (or pick out the spikes), do not go into trouble - everything is by law.

The document is a guide not only for reviewers. This is also an instruction for a performer preparing a car for an exam at the traffic police. Today, many delegate this matter to a car service. But, alas, you won’t get sick with our pros - you need to look.

It is necessary to begin, of course, with water procedures. It is especially worth taking care of the readability of identification numbers. See for yourself - at the same time you will find out where they are.

The next step is toxicity testing. Most loyally, the standard applies to "antiquities" - machines until 1986 of release. They are tested only in idle mode and only for CO content (up to 4.5%). More modern technology without a converter or with a converter without feedback (the so-called two-component system) is checked in two modes - idle speed and higher, fixing CO and CH. If the converter is three-component (with feedback, equipped with an oxygen sensor), control is even more difficult. We need a gas analyzer capable of measuring CO, CH, CO2, O2 and based on the data obtained, calculate l - coefficient of excess air. The latter is determined only at higher speeds, and CO and CH - also at idle. At the end of the test (and if necessary, adjustments) do not forget to take a printout. Indeed, toxicity without numbers is smoke from a chimney. By the way, the pipe has its own requirements - the exhaust duct must be complete and tight.

Equally sophisticated are the ways to check the brakes. There are two main methods - bench and road. The latter is closer to reality, but laborious. In addition, a fair amount of “a flat horizontal dry and clean road with cement or asphalt concrete pavement” is needed for measurements. In the crowded cities - luxury is not permissible.

The roller stand is much more compact, easy to use, and the result is clear. It is necessary to run over the rollers of one of the axes and brake, as the necessary numbers are displayed on the scoreboard. True, they can only be trusted if a number of conditions are met. So, the braking mechanisms should be “cold” (the temperature of the friction surface of the disk or drum is less than 100 ° C), and the tires should be clean and dry. The driver and passenger must be (!) In the front seat of the test vehicle. And one more subtlety - not every roller stand is suitable for monitoring machines with anti-lock braking system (ABS). Make sure that the required option is present.

Best of all, if the stand on "your" service is similar to PIKovoy - during technical inspection their readings should ideally coincide. However, the stand is not a panacea, in preparation it is quite possible to do without it. In modestly equipped workshops, all the training comes down to thoroughly cleaning the brake mechanisms, checking their performance and assessing the condition of the rubbing pairs. If the master approached the matter in good faith, successful passing the exam is guaranteed.

We recently wrote about the adjustment of headlights (ZR, 2005, No. 2). We will repeat briefly - the “European Ray” has been legally adopted in Russia, so that neither the American, nor even the “right-handed” Japanese version has a chance to pass the PIC. A lot of lamps (including blue ones!) Are being sold - almost half corresponds to GOST. In order not to get into a mess, when replacing, look at the "holy calendar" - SDA and manufacturer's recommendations.

The rest is simpler. The total backlash of the steering is estimated by the free wheeling of the steering wheel, and other clearances - by the organoleptic method (by knock). The number of double strokes of “wipers” on wet glass at a maximum speed should be at least 35, etc. A complete list can be found in the appendix to the Rules.

Having received a list of completed work in the service, you can safely go for inspection. In theory, the opinions of civilians from a car service center and employees from the traffic police about the serviceability of your car should coincide. And in fact?


There were a great many workshops ready to accept our VAZ 2104 3 into their fold. True, we rejected the proposed scheme of cooperation “our locksmith - your ideas”. I wanted something else - having paid the money, get the car fully prepared for instrumental control. The world is not without good people - the required service was advertised by one of the VAZ dealerships, valuing it at 943 rubles 49 kopecks.

Outside, everything looked European: customer parking, clean floors, soft sofas, a toilet and a bar. But the feeling of provincial awkwardness that had arisen disappeared, it barely became clear - the compatriots were in charge here! Who else could, having placed an order and seized (before payment) documents, invited the client to drive to the workshop along a public road! It is strange that the gibadadeshniks did not organize a permanent post there: the plan to remove fines from “stowaways” drivers would have been exceeded for a long time.

Servicemen began preparing for maintenance with a wash. True, they did not wash very thoroughly and only outside. The owners of the hose and wading boots did not even look under the hood.

From the sink immediately to the stand. Conveniently sitting (alone!) Behind the wheel, a mechanic, looking at the monitor, “flipped” the test program from the remote control. Something in it is not from that opera, but you won’t erase a word from a song - you had to pay for everything.

The rear axle did not pass the test. Either because the wheels are wet, or the right roller with traces of artisanal surfacing let us down - is unknown. But we “hit” a set of new drums with pads. The replacement process took some three (!) Hours, and then the locksmith proceeded to “running in surfaces”. To this end, he began to drive gamblingly in a car around the workshop, completing acceleration with spectacular braking "to the floor." The brakes obviously didn’t feel better, as well as the expensive tires, which are helpful … the specialist carefully “rubbed” the floor.

A second visit to the stand showed - the brake system is in perfect order. A significant contribution was made by the tread that had dried up by that time - the braking force on the front wheels (which had not undergone repair) was already increased by 300 Newtons! The runout of each of the rear wheels decreased by 5% - however, the total for some reason increased by the same amount! The master was brief: “In general, everything is fine, but rubbing it will be even better!” “Better” to still adhere to the standard - you see, there would be no spare parts.

The headlights were adjusted in the traditional way - using the device, but by eye. Gas analysis was done in approximately the same way, having looked through an impressive hole in the silencer. The organoleptic finale was shamelessly crumpled - the check came down to kicking the wheels and rocking the steering wheel. The result - 3369 rubles, including the cost of unscheduled work and spare parts and a monthly guarantee. I wonder how the efforts of the craftsmen will be appreciated by their colleagues at the inspection?


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