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Dakar Adventure


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Video: The Raiden Files - Portland to Dakar - A Riding Movie 2023, January
Dakar Adventure
Dakar Adventure

At the factory, he insisted that the car be directly off the assembly line, without any modifications, that is, the kind that any customer will receive in the store. The concern of the factory workers, with which they accepted the offer, bothered Yaroslav, fears got into his head …

After 28 km of running-in, the worst forecasts began to come true - I had to change the speedometer drive shaft, the bulbs, screw in the lost cladding fasteners. Fresh oil was poured into the engine, he collected a bunch of spare parts on the road … But nothing of the stored was needed. In addition to his own things, spare parts and tents, he secured an additional 5-liter tank with gasoline and a barrel of water on the trunk …

Along the Mediterranean Sea, the rider rode at a maximum speed of 95 km / h - such a measured ride a motorcycle can withstand all day long. The motor started well even at temperatures below zero. Yaroslav rarely used the electric starter, basically he “kicked” the kickstarter.

Western Sahara was met by a strong wind, but movement in the sands did not affect the clutch. On the Senegalese roads, replete with potholes, covered with sand, got the chassis. Shock absorbers worked to the limit, but even then breakdowns did not happen. Yaroslav admits that he expected serious troubles. But the fears were in vain: even the fasteners of the cladding were not lost. The air filter coped with dust and sand without fail. Caring for the filter and adjusting the chain - that’s the only thing that Yaroslav Shima took care of for the entire run. But most of all I was surprised that I never had to add oil - not a drop!

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