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What Is Good
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I had to admit to myself that I was wrong in my worst fears, literally right away. Seeing him “alive”, I realized: before me is not just a stylish and high-quality motorcycle, but also recreated almost no one in one Suzuki SV650S - a copy of the cult bike, which immediately after its debut at the motor show in Munich in 1998 quickly gained a reputation as a popular road sports motorcycle. Due to the low price and excellent driving performance.

It’s easier on my soul - because I used to ride a Suzuki SV650S and I remember that the motorcycle made a good impression on me with a strong and resourceful V-shaped engine. A similar motor is here, with the only difference being that it develops power by 9 hp. larger than the prototype. 10% more and torque, which means that it is even better suited for city driving.

I was convinced of the abyss of the capital's streets: the bike between the cars goes obediently, obeys the steering wheel, stops correctly. He’s not overweight, it’s comfortable in the saddle, and if so, then I can safely move in the car stream even when it froze. And now and then I have to touch elbows with mirrors of expensive and not so cars. If it were not for the tight, uninformative grip, the GT650S would call the performance a laudable one. However, no - normal, such ease of control for Japanese motorcycles has long been taken for granted.

With a quiet pace of riding, the effort on the gearshift foot is small. But as soon as it began to anneal in an adult way, the KP had the effect of “sticking” paws - the same as it felt on the SV650S. This is not a crime: the defect is “treated” with good oil and proper operation with the clutch lever.

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