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For Those Over A Hundred

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For Those Over A Hundred
For Those Over A Hundred

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за сто
за сто

Aprilia is not used to such popularity. And why? The company has always tried to be on the cutting edge of technological progress; moreover, it is a sharp edge to attract. Recall that in 1990 the concern was one of the first to start producing scooters with a V-belt variator in transmission. He also created Europe’s first sports scooter SR50 (1992), a cruiser class Leonardo scooter (1995) and a high-tech 2-stroke engine with a Ditech-Direct system (with direct injection of fuel-air mixture into the engine cylinder and blowing the combustion chamber with a mixture air with oil).

When you sit down on your own Sportcity, pay tribute to the creators: due to a sharp decline in demand for scooters in Europe, the concern has today lost its independence. There is doubt: both originality and creative handwriting - a kayuk?.. No! You will feel: the machine is not that confused - the personality is developed in the best traditions of the corporate school of design.

I am sure that in Russia they will be interested in a novelty. It has a business image and sports performance characteristics. The power of a 4-stroke engine, large (by scooter standards) 15-inch alloy wheels will undoubtedly be appreciated by those who travel a lot around the city. And also a comfortable fit behind the wheel, obedience to control at all speeds, impressive accelerating dynamics, reliable brakes like father's hands.

In terms of Sportcity dimensions, it’s closer to the “fifty dollars” than to the tourer-class scooters, but I freely, even weightily located behind the wheel. And he immediately noted: there is no usual high tunnel between the legs for a sports scooter, and without it it’s much more convenient to sit.

за сто
за сто

The architecture of the controls: everything is thought out to the smallest detail, buttons and levers "in place", the view in the rear-view mirrors is optimal. The analog speedometer and the large LCD display docked to it provide comprehensive information …

But Italians simply can’t pamper the buyer - if they had acted differently, they would not have been Italians. Using the button on the steering wheel, the driver can switch the daily mileage to total, display the voltmeter readings and set the clock (which is important for a business person, you understand).

… But already going. A couple of times for the test, I turned around and made sure: the radius of the turn is comparable only to a bicycle one. The motor works so intelligently, quietly, that until it started, even held its breath, listened - did it stall? Holding the wheel, it’s impossible to understand - not a drop is shaking.

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