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Maybe there would be more branded nodes, but "misfortune helped." Our old friend Igor, the owner of the standard Harley, one day matured to deep customization. The device was dismantled, the motor was taken home, the remains were brought to the backup garage. And he caught fire: the fire burned everything. It was a sign from above!

The Conqueror continues the stylistic tradition that has become characteristic of all our custom. The “knightly gothic” style is formed by the warlike form of the wing, the rear “beak” goes along the radius of the belt pulley, and on the other hand, it repeats the radius of the brake disc. The shape of the tank imitates the protection of horses of medieval knights. Handles, levers, silencers, removal of steps - all within the style.

Every car made in the workshop must have a weirdo, if it’s not there, this is not our motorcycle. Wonder in the "Conqueror" was the frame. Its front duplex goes into the wing-lining, the rear wheel is attached to it. This is a completely new solution. If it were not for our Sanya, the world's greatest engineer (formerly the head of a large military laboratory), nothing would have happened. Payload calculations, the selection (and search) of steels of little-known grades, the development of technology - this took the lion's share of the time, and the apparatus was built a whole year.


While sculpting the frame, I drew sketches of the traverse. Their manufacture is completely handmade. With great difficulty they took out a duralumin slab, hardened, marked out, drilled along the marked contour. "Sisyphean Labor" - cut off all unnecessary files! Why not a “grinder”? She does not take aluminum.

Wheels - our "horse". With the “Conqueror” we exceeded our own record - in one of the previous motorcycles there were 240 spokes, here there are 360! Spokes of six different lengths were used in the front wheel, and eight in the rear wheel. Moreover, the thread on the knitting needles was not cut, but rolled. Wheel assembly alone took a week. By the way, the wheels were taken for testing, and they withstood them.

They mounted the widest and most fashionable back tire at the time of assembly - “240”, the ME 880 from Metzeller. It was brought to us from Brazil (we could not order it anywhere else) for almost half a year.

There are many more outlandish solutions in this motorcycle. For example, the emblem on the shield is made by photovoltaics, according to the technology of manufacturing seals. Even a connoisseur will not immediately figure out where the battery is “sitting” and the oil tank, which is mandatory for the “Harley”. We contrived to introduce them into the cavity of the hind wing. There are no axles, nuts of the rear wheel from the outside - they are hidden in the frame and are veiled with a “stop” with the size. We do not envy the owner if the wheel is punctured. But stylish and beautiful! From the same considerations of following the integrity of style on a motorcycle, you will not see reservoirs of brake hydraulics, mirrors, flashing lights, dashboards and switches. But they exist: three buttons (ignition, light and starter) on the edge of the left closure, stylized as a knight’s shield. Here, on the shield, are the indicator lights.

The size of the Russian registration number is a huge burdock, it does not fit into the look of the custom. And we dared to “plant a pig for the owner” - we didn’t provide room for a room at all. I must say that the owner, Igor, took this with understanding.


About the hand brake: the drive cable goes into the well under the tank - here is the cylinder with the tank. Reinforced brake hoses branch out from it.

It would seem that a trifle is a headlight. But she had to tinker with it. Hella has a plastic case, and it shouldn’t be like that! Our principle is no plastic in custom, only steel, in the worst case - aluminum! On the whole motorcycle, only the cap on the carburetor is plastic, but this is a stock item … And we “rolled” steel for the headlight housing. In fact, for the "Conqueror" made a lot of devices that will never be needed … Another feature of the headlight - it is not rotatable. Such a decision will not surprise owners of sportbikes, but for custom it is not typical.

They deliberately did not engage in deep airbrushing - it is able to "hide" the motorcycle itself. But paints and all components - putty, primers, varnishes - are exclusively of the highest quality. The components we used are the pros that paint the Mercedes - exclusively in the oven, with undercoats, undercoats, polished and everything else that is supposed to achieve high-class quality.

The seat was made by a friend, a neighbor on the porch. She’s a fashion seamstress, so she’s got everything in one piece.