The modern plant, designed to produce 120 thousand cars a year, was solemnly launched on time - September 12, 1998, on the day of the 300th anniversary of the founding of the city of Taganrog by Peter I. Alas, this was not the most joyful time in the recent history of Russia, and in the spring of 1999 TagAZ stopped. More than 300 million dollars were then dead, and not everyone believed that the plant could be restarted …

… In 2004, the South Korean concern Hyundai sold 50, 686 cars in our country, taking first place among foreign brands. The basis for success was the popular Accent and Sonata models assembled in Taganrog: they accounted for more than half of total sales. And now a novelty has appeared here - the light commercial truck Hyundai-Porter.



“Last year was successful - we assembled and sold 30 thousand cars, ” says Gennady Ryadnov, General Director of Taganrog Automobile Plant OJSC. - Volumes have increased - the number of employees has also increased, from 1.2 to 3 thousand people. All had to be trained, since they organized a second shift; Now they even began to think about the third. Many were sent to internships at Korean factories. This is not cheap, but we are satisfied with the level of training and qualifications of employees. Without such a step, the enterprise could not have developed.

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Today, two assembly plants are already operating on the territory of the combine plant. On one daily, 300-400 Accent and Sonata sedans are collected, on the second - several trucks (for now). About the last most questions. Now in the sector of commercial vehicles, the undivided owner is the Nizhny Novgorod Gazelle. I wonder what Rostov marketers expect to entice consumers?

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“We do not want to lure anyone, impose anything, but only offer a new product with a certain set of qualities, ” says G. Ryadnov. - There is a niche "Gazelle" (commercial vehicles with a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons), there is a niche in Izhevsk "heel" (300-500 kg), and we aimed at the free space between them. At the same time, the “ton” truck has a number of attractive consumer properties. Firstly, it is qualitatively painted and assembled, and secondly, it is equipped with a reliable and economical diesel engine. At the same time, the driver is almost as comfortable as in a passenger car. Already the basic version is equipped with power steering and power windows, you can order and air conditioning. The cheapest option will cost 330 thousand rubles. We believe this is an advantageous offer: a small, nimble, very comfortable in the city and practical car.


The additional advantage of Porter may be just the carrying capacity (less than a ton!), Which will allow the truck to drive freely, for example, into the center of Moscow, where restrictions on commercial vehicles have been introduced since last year.

It is possible that in the future the Taganrog Porter will become cheaper. While here the cabin and the body are welded from the finished parts (for the latter they are already stamped yourself!), They are painted, and then the finished car is assembled. In the near future - to do in place a frame and elements of the cabin. And the seats for all three models (“Accent”, “Sonatas”, “Porter”) have been doing this year in Taganrog. To do this, they created a separate workshop where there are all the necessary steps - welding the frame, pouring molds, sewing covers, etc.


Creating your own enterprises for the manufacture of components is not a luxury, but an urgent need. Over the years of work in Russia, it has been possible to find a few suppliers whose quality of parts does not "walk" day by day. In addition to rubber products and electric harnesses, Russian sound signals, tires from Nizhnekamsk are installed on the Hyundai from Taganrog, local technological fluids are poured … Domestic floor mastics and ceiling upholstery are on the way. Side windows could become Russian, but here, according to suppliers, potential suppliers themselves are passive. “I would like more suggestions from allies - why should we look for them and beg them: give, give! They themselves must offer us good quality products! And they declare a price higher than the Korean one, and they drag it for months on paperwork, ”we heard in the supply service.

By the way, unlike the same Vsevolozhsk Ford, TagAZ is not bound by strict terms of localization, therefore, it has the right to not know this headache at all. Another thing is that the only way in principle is it possible to reduce the cost of the final product …


If in 2003 only 5896 cars were assembled at TagAZ, then in the past it’s already 6 times (!) More. Plans for 2005 are even larger: 70 thousand cars (45-50 thousand “accents”, 10-15 thousand “sonatas” and 5 thousand “porters”). At such a pace already in 2007-2008. TagAZ will reach its design capacity and will start producing 120 thousand cars a year! Only what? In Korea itself, new generations of cars have already replaced “our” “accents” and “sonatas” …

“We believe that the current models are quite satisfactory for the Russian consumer in terms of price / quality ratio, ” says Gennady Vladimirovich. - The new Sonata, for example, is even positioned in Korea as a model of a higher class and sold in parallel with the old one. So it is with us: the new "Sonata" of the Korean assembly will be sold only in the most expensive trim levels under the name "Hyundai NF". Our “Sonata” is a large, spacious, but at the same time more democratic car.