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Right Hand Drive. Honda Accord. Oriental Tune

Video: Right Hand Drive. Honda Accord. Oriental Tune
Video: Ну наконец то! Переделанная Honda Accord с правым рулем (Becky Rebirth S2 E1) 2023, February
Right Hand Drive. Honda Accord. Oriental Tune
Right Hand Drive. Honda Accord. Oriental Tune

Attractive, dynamic appearance of the "Accord" successfully combines with good driving qualities. The company has never been afraid of complex technical solutions. Since the 1980s, a thruster rear suspension was installed on the Accord. She significantly improved handling. Honda engines are famous for power: 75-100 liters. with. with a liter of working volume without damage to the resource - very good.

In the "Accord" is comfortable not only for the driver and his neighbor. The rear passengers were also not deprived: the landing is comfortable, there is plenty of legroom. The finish is not very expensive, but pretty, the materials are solid. And, of course, there are a lot of electronic “lotions” in the “Accord”. Folding mirrors in the parking lot, power windows, central locking, air conditioning, ABS, traction control and airbags will not surprise anyone for a long time. But the TV and navigation system in the database are rarely seen in cars of this class. Alas, they don’t work in right-handed “chords” in Russia, and finding a specialist who adapts equipment for our country is still quite difficult, and it's not cheap.

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