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Freedom Of Choice


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Devo - Freedom Of Choice (Video) 2023, January
Freedom Of Choice
Freedom Of Choice

A classic example is shown in photo 1. Apparently, the owners of a St. Petersburg shopping center reasoned as follows: for the convenience of customers, we organize a parking lot, and so that it does not attract all kinds of "parking people", we warn that parking is purely free. However, for professional tax collectors, even the very concept of “free” does not fit in the head, and therefore, to resolve the internal contradiction, the stop was forbidden at all! Fortunately, moving at low speed, you can still decide: is it worth parking or not? A similar dilemma, albeit not so abstruse, is faced by drivers in the Orenburg region (photo 2).

In the Chelyabinsk region, the movement of heavy trucks is traditionally limited in the spring thaw (Photo 3). True, drivers were given the opportunity to independently choose the most suitable axle load. Well, it’s very convenient for trials with traffic police …

It is known that the neighborhood of the construction site is a favorite place for builders to express themselves. A sample of “creativity” from the Leningrad region is shown in photo 4. As they say, without comment.

And this "carte blanche" was met by our reader when leaving for Gorkovskoye Shosse (photo 5): in Balashikha, Moscow Region, the driver himself is offered to come up with a danger that awaits a bend. It’s scary to even imagine what awaits a person with a stormy imagination …

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