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Quad Squared (about The Benefits Of Tuning)

Video: Quad Squared (about The Benefits Of Tuning)
Video: How to get an AMAZING Tune -- Tuning JB's 5" Quad 2023, February
Quad Squared (about The Benefits Of Tuning)
Quad Squared (about The Benefits Of Tuning)

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The manufacturer of the four-wheeled standard has great opportunities: it is light, fast, maneuverable … But if it comes to racing, it will become clear that the device will lose without serious refinement. First of all, it is necessary to increase exchange rate and overall stability so as not to be afraid of highsides during extreme driving in corners and increase speed when passing through them. To drive faster in straight sections, raise power …

After the alterations in my ATV, only the frame and engine remained from the production car. I traveled on it, felt it, and when I sat down on my standard Dmitry’s Yamaha Yamaha, I felt like weights were on wheels, and time was creeping twice as slow: it seems to be going pretty well, and the bumps that I usually don’t get out of the seat, painfully respond in the "fifth point", the energy intensity of the suspension is not enough for the racing mode. The stability is not enough: in the corners I almost somersaulted a couple of times when I tried to pass them at my usual speed. Sometimes the steering wheel breaks out of the hands - the lack of a damper affects … Conclusion: all the “bells and whistles” of my YFZ (see table) made the control of the machine not only more sensitive, but also easier even for an inexperienced driver.

I rode my serial Yamaha and rejoiced: it seemed that the potential could not be exhausted. But until the moment he rolled on Nikolai’s device. Already at the first hundred meters I was shocked: for a long time I could not figure out that the “almost the same” ATV could go so faster and more confidently. At almost any speed, he "swallows" bumps and "does not choke." When the gas is opened, it is already "kidding". Brakes are much more sensitive than regular. The steering wheel is also more convenient. The throttle stick is unusual: this is not a trigger lever - it is made in a motorcycle manner.

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