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Mazda-323. Foot Shoes

Mazda-323. Foot Shoes
Mazda-323. Foot Shoes

Sixth-generation pre-styling cars (see Model History) cost $ 8–10 thousand - almost like a VAZ 2112. Cars fresher - up to 16 thousand, but for this money the buyer has the right to rely on a rich complete set and an automatic transmission. Driver airbag and ABS are available on all vehicles. The vast majority - with two pillows, air conditioning and front electric windows. Some machines for Europe (not for Russia) were equipped with a central lock with remote control.

Hatchbacks are in the greatest demand - sedans noticeably lose them outwardly. In addition, the five-door adjustable tilt of the backs of the rear seats (by European standards of those years - luxury). But you can have a bite with comfort in a sedan - the folded back of the front seat forms an even table with cup holders. The trunk of the Mazda is small, but the designers have given plenty of space for the rear passengers. There is no problem with the transportation of long loads - the rear sofa folds in parts.


Dorestyling "Mazda" officially delivered to Russia only with gasoline engines ZL 1, 5 and FP 1, 8 l. After restyling, the couple grew up to 1.6 and 2.0 liters, respectively. The same cars are being brought from abroad. There are practically no diesel “323's” on the market, as are cars with a 1.3 liter B3-ME engine.

Mazda motors love high speeds, and if you turn them around, a one and a half liter is enough for a dynamic ride (by the way, there are not many more powerful 1.8 and 2.0 liters on the market). All “official” engines are sixteen-valve, with a timing belt drive, but the meeting of valves with pistons is excluded here. However, the belt, which has already become an unwritten Japanese standard, is 100, 000 km long. But to change it is better for professionals. Many, relying on the simplicity of the design, take up the work themselves - and "lose" the mark. When replacing the timing belt, be sure to install new rollers, and for FP motors, the tension spring. Up to 100 thousand km, it works without complaints, and up to 200 may not survive - it will break. In this case, the belt will immediately break.

The pump is driven by a multi-ribbed belt and does not cause trouble. It is only necessary regularly (every two years or 60 thousand km) to change antifreeze. Before overhaul, all engines last for a long time - an average of 350 thousand km. "Oil" maintenance for them is provided every 10 thousand km. Keep a set of candles ready - with our gasoline you have to change them quite often: ordinary ones serve an average of 15 thousand km, platinum ones - 25-30. Once every 60-70 thousand will have to change the fuel filter in the gas tank. Access to it is from under the seat, but in a hatchback, unlike a sedan, removing the latter is not easy, and a homegrown master will certainly break expensive plastic fasteners.

With a winter start, not everything is smooth. Below -20 ° С, it is often necessary to dry the filled candles, scrolling the motor while pressing the gas pedal. But if the regular battery is weak, there will be enough space for the Volgovsky battery under the hood, at 60 A.h.


Among the "323's" there are a lot of cars with automatic gearbox - it was installed with any of the four engines described. There are no serious complaints about it, and a few failures are associated mainly with violations of the rules of operation and maintenance. Automatic transmission - with electronic control, in case of a malfunction, the Hold indicator on the instrument panel starts to blink. Scheduled oil change (Dexron III) - every 90 thousand km, together with the filter.

But the exceptionally reliable manual gearbox, according to the instructions, needs attention more often - 75W90 GL-5 oil is supposed to be updated every 60 thousand km. Coupling (with hydraulic drive) on average serves 120–160 thousand km. The main sign of an imminent death is a small turn-off stroke (the pedal picks up at the very top). Together with a basket, a driven disk and a thrust bearing, it is desirable to change the support bearing of the gearbox input shaft pressed into the crankshaft seat - a cheap piece, and the work is expensive.

SHRUS live more than 200 thousand km, which is facilitated by durable anthers from a hard elastomer. When replacing the boot, it is worth following the instructions, removing it through the shaft (having disassembled the inner hinge), and not knock down the outer “grenade" - this is how easy it is to damage the assembly.

Front brake pads serve about 30 thousand km, rear (disc or drum) - 70 thousand, there are enough disks for two sets of pads. When replacing the front pads, be sure to inspect the rear mechanisms as well - their guides often sour. Sometimes the handbrake drive is to blame, especially when it comes to disc brakes. The actuator in the wheel cylinder can be sorted out - there is an original repair kit. DOT-4 fluid is changed every 2 years or 60 thousand km.

ABS sensors are not reliable, and the malfunction is usually hidden not in the oxidized connector, but inside the sensor itself. In the case of a “floating fault”, the best diagnostic method is to check the resistance. Deviation from the norm, both up and down, is an indication for replacement.


The Mazda-323 suspension feels great on our roads. The weakest link - it is the cheapest one - is the anti-roll bar of the front and rear suspension. Their wear (usually to 30–40 thousand km) can be predicted by knocks on the pits. When inspecting, pay attention to the shock absorbers: fluid leakage is the main reason for their replacement.

The ball bearings of the front suspension are changed complete with a lever, but up to 200 thousand km is usually not required. But its rear silent blocks may have to be replaced by 60–70 thousand km. In the rear suspension, by the same time, the silent blocks of the longitudinal arm can wear out, the wishbones are almost eternal - they are changed only after destructive side impacts.

The steering is very reliable, steering rods and tips serve about 120 thousand km. It is better to change the traction assembly: both because the wear of all the hinges is approximately the same, and so as not to be wasted on re-adjusting the camber. Backlash and a knock in the steering with working joints, as a rule, indicate wear in the gear-rack pair. It is impossible to tighten, otherwise there is a risk of jamming the rail on the slightly worn part. Some companies restore the steering gear, but if the play is within the acceptable range, you can wait for the repair.


The Mazda electrical equipment is very reliable, but water procedures in the engine compartment are contraindicated - moisture damages the ignition coils with tips. Problems can arise if there are no fenders - an electric harness passes under the left front.

Disconnecting the battery does not cause malfunctions, you only have to enter the code of the standard cassette recorder. However, many owners instead of it have long installed an MP3 player.

"Mazda 3 23 /"> Mazda 323 "is not too attractive to hijackers. And to protect against the amateur, a full-time immobilizer with a response chip in the key is quite enough - they were equipped with all cars.


1998 year. The debut of the sixth generation of the model (BJ body) is a sedan and a hatchback. Engines - in-line, four-cylinder. Petrol: 1.3 liters, 54 kW / 73 liters. with.; 1, 5 l, 65 kW / 88 l. with.; 1.8 L, 84 kW / 114 L with. Diesel: vortex chamber 2.0 l, 52 kW / 71 l. with. and with direct injection of 2.0 liters, 66 kW / 90 liters. with. Gearbox - M5 or A4, front-wheel drive.

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