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Rule "number Of Times"


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Rule "number Of Times"
Rule "number Of Times"

To additional troubles lead liberties in the connection of wires. Inaccurate twisting, poor insulation, and even inadvertently in a circuit where there is no fuse, is the way to a fire. Soldering? She has her own minuses. For example, excessive rigidity. If the wire vibrates violently, it will break off near the solder. It is necessary to additionally fix it, in accordance with the nature of the vibration - and who is hunting? It is no accident that strictly defined methods of connecting wires have taken root in the global automotive industry - reliable connectors, terminals, lugs, as well as devices for their installation, have been created. This makes the machine more technologically advanced in production and repair, but any detachable connection can weaken, oxidize, burn out. Here you need the eye of the owner.

During repairs, the faulty wire is most often replaced, observing a simple rule: in order not to run into problems after the repair, the cross section of the conductive core of the new wire should be no less than that of the “native” one. The thin wire will begin to heat up, its resistance will increase, limiting the current supplying the consumer. Let it be a fan motor. The case may result in overheating of the engine of the machine. Catch the importance of the rule ?!

Another wire departs from the “+” terminal of the battery - it is slightly thinner than the starter, but still looks solid. It is also called the "support plus." Numerous consumers feed on it, so the current in this wire reaches 50 A. Naturally, its defects affect the entire "economy". For example, due to unreliable contacts, the battery is weakly charged, and this leads to other failures. Many cars in this circuit do not have a fuse, so it needs a reverent attitude. For example, a freely dangling wire to a hot exhaust pipe is welded remarkably, a short circuit occurs …

A few words about moving wires. These are those that come from the body pillars in the door, the trunk lid or the fifth door, providing power to the windows, heated mirrors and windows, speakers, etc. It is important to lay them so that when the door is opened, the deformation of the wires is as small as possible. The most harmless - twisting the wire. Bending is worse, and stretching is generally unacceptable. That is why the holes for the wires in the rack and the end of the door are made at different heights.

Repairing damaged wires in this place is almost impossible. As a rule, they have to be replaced with new ones: any twists (especially tightly wrapped with electrical tape) violate the flexibility of the wiring harness and destroy them even faster.

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