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Ford Focus Gasoline Pump. REMOVABLE TANK


Video: Ford Focus Gasoline Pump. REMOVABLE TANK

Video: Ford Focus Gasoline Pump. REMOVABLE TANK
Video: How to REPLACE Ford Focus In Tank FUEL PUMP In 20 MINUTES! 2023, December
Ford Focus Gasoline Pump. REMOVABLE TANK
Ford Focus Gasoline Pump. REMOVABLE TANK

It will never occur to motorists of most civilized countries - that’s why you rarely see a hatch on foreign cars that opens up access to the gasoline pump without dismantling the entire tank. Such is the Ford Focus.

In a service, a pump failure is usually declared a “non-warranty case” and is attributed to improper operation of the car (this includes refueling with crappy gasoline). You have to fork out for a new pump and replace it with the entire cumbersome procedure for removing and installing the tank. At the same time, they will offer to wash the tank and lines, up to the nozzles, - you look, and the wallet will feel better for 700-750 dollars! But these costs can be avoided if access to the gas pump is no more difficult than on the VAZ 2110.

Let's make the same hatch!

In our arsenal there were left and right metal scissors, which facilitated the work.

The lid was cut out in place, marked and drilled a hole for the rubber plug and four holes in it and in the floor under the self-tapping screws (screwed into the appropriate brackets).

Before the final assembly of the machine, we will certainly check the system's performance and tightness of the joints. Combining the electrical connector and the fuel pipes, they wiped everything dry - and turned on the ignition. The pump was buzzing …

Started the engine, gave three minutes to work. No leaks? Great, now you can collect everything. When installing the cover, they sealed its joint with the floor with tape sealant. Other options are possible - if only they would provide reliable insulation of the cabin.

Captions under pictures:

1. Having turned off screws of fastening, removed a back seat, moved a rug. Here is the rubber plug in the floor - through it passes a bundle of electrical wires to the gasoline pump. Having removed the plug from this place, they began to widen the hole with scissors - carefully so as not to damage anything, including their own hands. (It’s better to work with gloves - the tin is sharp and insidious!) The hatch should be such that a pump can be removed through it, but no more. A rounded shape without corners helps to maintain sufficient floor strength.

2. The long-awaited petrol pump was opened to our eyes - the dream of the master “magician” came true! To remove the pump, you need to unscrew the large plastic nut that fastens its body to the tank, and with this size, even a small pressure difference inside the tank and outside prevents it from overcoming it. To have enough strength, turn off the cork of the filler neck. Then we disconnect the electrical connector, the fuel pipes and, pressing the two edges of the nut with two screwdrivers, carefully turn it off.

3. This is how the pump looks from below. But to see this, you must first remove it from the tank. Why the protrusions on the periphery? The pump clings to the edges of the shaped socket in a special platform at the bottom of the tank. Grasping stronger, turn the pump counterclockwise and disengage. (When assembling, you will act in the reverse order - do not forget the correct position of the pump. Or mark.) The mesh on the bottom is for rough, preliminary cleaning. Adhesive dirt is visible.

4. But this "language" is a fine filter. It also has a coating of dirt. It turns out that we broke for a petrol pump not in vain. The owner of the car complained that a couple of times the “Focus” “choked” on a steep climb, which usually happens if the filters are dirty and there is little gas in the tank. In this case, when the tank is tilted, the motor experiences hunger, and the pump wears out faster. (For nothing, the magazine warned: it is not recommended to drive an injection tank with a half-empty tank!)

5. Gently prying with a screwdriver, removed the dirty mesh and thoroughly washed with liquid to clean the carburetor. Then - the main filter of the gasoline pump. Well, what about deposits inside the tank? It turns out that if it is seasoned with gasoline (not even the best!), And not fuel oil, then the problem of these “slags” is largely contrived. Dirt shaken in gasoline (especially when the tank is incomplete!), Eventually sucked up to the filters, where it gets stuck.



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