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UAZ-Patriot. One Bridge On A Conveyor

Video: UAZ-Patriot. One Bridge On A Conveyor
Video: UAZ Patriot and the Nissan Terrano through a ford depth of about 60-70 cm. Flooded Bridge. 2023, February
UAZ-Patriot. One Bridge On A Conveyor
UAZ-Patriot. One Bridge On A Conveyor

It has been announced that since June, official dealers have been taking orders for cars of the 2005 model year. Well, a "live" car can be seen in salons from August


So, for the "Patriot" introduced the concept of a model year. In 2005, the buyer will be offered a five- or nine-seater car, equipped with a central lock, electric headlight corrections, additional thresholds, an adjustable steering column, imported hydraulic booster and gearbox.

The basic version of the Classic will cost almost $ 14 thousand, and the more expensive Comfort equipment - with a velor interior, alloy wheels, fog lights and an electric sunroof - a little more than $ 15 thousand. The air conditioner will appear later - on cars of the 2006 model year.

Recall that the Patriot is significantly different from its predecessor, Simbira (UAZ 3162). The front part of the body is structurally updated, the interior, transmission, suspension, steering are changed. Plus new materials (including rolled steel), replacement of parts of components with imported ones (ЗР, 2005, No. 3). The engine is a 128-horsepower ZMZ-409 with a working volume of 2.7 liters.


Thinking whether to buy or not to buy a new car, many are trying to assess its market prospects. Let's try and look into the near future.

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