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Let The Victim Cry

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Let The Victim Cry
Let The Victim Cry

Unfortunately, even if you strictly follow competent advice and instructions, our laws do not guarantee real protection of your rights. And they are often written clumsily, and the mechanisms for their execution have not been worked out … Here is a simple example.

One of these days one of the editorial staff got into an accident. Yes, what kind of accident was there - the Mercedes was backing up and crushing the wing of its Honda, which stood at the edge of the road. A “proud son of the Caucasus” came out of the Mercedes and immediately offered three thousand rubles. Assessing the damage to the eye, our colleague refused. Repair, of course, is small, but certainly not for three thousand rubles: a dent pulled three hundred dollars. And we are not used to acting “according to concepts.” Since ZR recommends everyone to call the traffic police, then we must do it ourselves.

In less than half an hour, the outfit arrived. The fault of the driver of the Mercedes was obvious. The inspectors drew a diagram, drew up a protocol, set a time for the meeting in the parsing group, and left. After that, the Mercedes driver quickly “evaporated”.

At the appointed time, Lagadze Teymuraz Givievich (driver of the Mercedes) did not come to the traffic police. And immediately it became clear that the traffic police did not know in which company his car was insured. The victim was invited to find out for himself …

Such situations are not uncommon today. Moreover, their essence on the surface - legislation that is designed to protect our rights with you, actually encourages offenders. In fact, why should the culprit fill out a notice of the insured event if nothing follows the refusal? Let the victim think how to find the culprit insurance company. And even the traffic police inspector will not help here; the only thing he needs to do is to check the availability of the compulsory insurance policy, and not to fix the name of the company and its details.

By and large, the culprit may not come to the traffic police! If the offender is notified, the Code of Administrative Offenses allows a decision to be made in his absence. Compensation for damage to the STSI has nothing to do with it - it is executive power, not judicial. Its task is to comply with the law, not to delve into the problems of victims. Bad law or good, this is another question, but to search for debtors, it turns out, the victims themselves must.

You can go even further. Why insure at all? The current Administrative Code provides liability in the absence of an insurance policy for two reasons. The first - the driver simply forgot the policy at home, the second - there is no policy at all. For forgetfulness will be followed liability under Article 12.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses in the form of a 50-ruble fine or warning plus a fine parking for the car (article 27.13 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). But if he is not insured at all, the driver will answer according to article 12.37, part 2. This is more serious - 500-800 rubles. True, in this case, parking is no longer scary! The Code of Administrative Offenses does not provide for the detention of a car if the liability of its owner is not insured.

If the road is not particularly impudent, then stop rarely. And if you still do not live at the place of permanent registration, then you can not pay the fine: the bailiff, having come to your home at the address of registration, will leave home with nothing! In this case, the law does not provide for any measures to search for the violator. A year later, the decree will lose force.

Of course, I deliberately exaggerate. For every "wise guy", especially for malicious violators, there is a government, and within the framework of the law. The victim is only interested in his execution, he needs to get money for a broken car. The funniest thing in this situation is that the “lucky ones" can be considered those who have a large amount of damage: they can afford to hire a lawyer (the cost of this will be paid), who will conduct the case correctly in court, and will not allow the violators to become impudent, and bailiffs speak the same language. But what about those who have a couple of hundred dollars in damages? Neither hire a lawyer, nor conduct an examination. For postage and that is not enough. It seems like he did everything right, but still remained in the cold. So the conversations begin: ripping off honest citizens by insurance companies, venality of the traffic police, state indifference …

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