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The Most Important Of The Arts


Video: The Most Important Of The Arts

Video: The Most Important Of The Arts
Video: Why art is important | Katerina Gregos | TEDxGhent 2023, December
The Most Important Of The Arts
The Most Important Of The Arts

Just in character. And from that moment a new countdown began.

Young Germans Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher were once also ardent enthusiasts, without money, but with ideas. In the late sixties, they converted a dilapidated mill into a double garage and called it the "Racing Engine Design and Testing Bureau." By the end of the seventies, the bureau had become a factory with four dozen employees, and half of German motorists already knew that somewhere in the city of Affalterbach, near Stuttgart, there was an AMG factory.

Today the whole world knows about the German studio, and Sergey along with it. It is not surprising that the tuning of the 124th went according to the AMG program. I didn’t have to go to Germany - everything was done in Russia, at SRT (StreetRace Technology). Moreover, domestic masters worked with a fair amount of imagination, combining German elements and technical solutions with their own.

Started with looks. It is appropriate to recall another movie hit of the recent past - the TAXI film by Luc Besson. The Germans, robbing banks, traveled precisely in the 124s, and their cars looked no less interesting than the Peugeot 406. Smoky rear tires looked quite natural, and races on the racetrack - for granted. Yes, yes - the 124th can look very sporty.

This is exactly what the masters sought. Put bumpers and thresholds of their own manufacture. Let not as chic as airmash, but the soul warms that exclusive. But the hood and grille - from AMG. Headlights from the E500, and white turn signals ordered from FK-Automotive. There is no longer a registration number on the trunk lid. Tinsmiths brewed a stamping under the sign, and the number was transferred to the bumper. Decorative air intakes were arranged on the front wings. The brakes were changed to more powerful, Zimmerman brands, and at the same time put new 18-inch wheels. Shod them in the Michelin Pilot Sport. Inside, the Momo steering wheel, white instrument scales, carbon trim and aluminum pedals are now in the cabin.

The most significant part of the money was spent on improving dynamics, in the engine and transmission. A little less - in the suspension: shock absorbers and springs from Sport Line (stiffer than regular), sports stabilizers and silent blocks. The standard exhaust system did not suit due to insufficient sound volume. It was provided by the direct-flow Simons.

No wonder our story began with Fast and Furious. Recall who the main character of the film is … The red nitrous oxide button!

A wet-type NOS system was installed on the Mercedes-Benz W124. Power was not checked, but the numbers do not interest the owner. The car turned out really fast.



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