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48 Hours

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48 Hours
48 Hours

However, the marketing department of the RRT group of companies that did this work is not dismissed in its entirety for official non-compliance, but continues to work calmly.

The reason for the serenity is that all the nuances of the refinement of the Opel Astra 1.8 from the Steinmetz studio were agreed with the management and approved from above. And the leadership, by the way, does not consist of managers of the new formation, who understand only the economic wisdom and clothing styles - they are headed by people who started tuning in Russia 15 years ago. They were pioneers in many matters. For example, they were the first to conclude an agreement with MS-Design … And although the company's main activity is selling Subaru and GM cars, the RRT brand is still associated with tuning. Meanwhile, the company today is limited only to styling new models. The situation has changed …

Suddenly, upstairs we decided to recall the old days, to shake the novelty and ordered to finalize ten cars at once for participating in the automobile exhibition! Tuning was very different, from airbrushing to professional installation of multimedia systems - for every taste. But the modest Astra, clad in a Steinmetz air bag, stood out even against the formidable Tahoe and TrialBlazer.

The process of turning the machine into an expensive candy would be simple if everyone had given more than 48 hours. However, due to the approaching exhibition, there was little time - two days and not an hour more. Complicating the situation was the fact that Steinmetz brand products were new to technicians. Longest fiddling with chemicals. Of course, prudent Germans sent a special sealant for the body kit, but the technology turned out to be very specific, and so far the masters realized what was happening, they were pretty exhausted.

Indeed, if you know the technology well, there is nothing complicated in such a tuning. And the styling package itself is quite simple: side sills, “skirts” of bumpers, inserts into the front bumper and rear wing … God knows what higher mathematics is. Only accuracy and a firm hand are required.

Side mirrors and a radiator grill with the logo of a tuning studio simply replace the regular ones - no more complicated than ordinary repairs. Most of the time is spent on replacing the exhaust system, but branded parts do not have to be customized, so this is only a couple of hours. The supply department knew about the rush and hurried. The freedom of choice was limited by 18-inch Steinmetz rims that came with the kit, with recommendations for rubber size. Only at first glance, with the current abundance of the market, the purchase of 225 / 40R18 tires is a simple matter. Tires had to be taken out, counting every minute.

There were no interior improvements, the installation of a “supersonic” audio system, or even fast chip tuning included in the Steinmetz tuning program - there was no time. However, the 1.8-liter engine with 125 hp. paired with the "automatic" allows the driver to freely choose the driving mode, accelerate to 187 km / h.

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