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Fox Migration


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Red Fox Hilariously Pounces Headfirst Into Snow 2023, January
Fox Migration
Fox Migration

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How far I was from studying the technical subtleties of various models of motorcycles, when the year before last I felt signs of a midlife crisis! As far as I can remember, I always chased: on a bicycle, on rollers, on a car … I listened to the wind, rustling tires and engine noise … This sound suppressed evil thoughts and ailments, injected strength and power - the energy that we are trying to control with the help of simple mechanical devices and confidently call it technological progress. The decision was ripening latently, and one fine day the desire to sit down on the “sport” and a certain amount of money came together. There was enough sobriety to understand that you need to start with a simple and affordable 400-cc bike, for example, Kawasaki Zephyr. However, I could not count on more.

I got into one of the Moscow motorcycle shows and was somewhat disappointed. With the sum of 3.5 thousand dollars, I fell into the grip of the situation: either take the tormented 400-ku, or the ancient 600-ku … And suddenly a big luck in life - a prize presented by the employer, for my hard work. There was a little more money, breathing was easier, and I paid a second visit to the motor show. Without any doubt, he entered into an agreement to search (on the other side) for the Honda CBR600RR. The choice was based on the hope of not getting into the problem of my relationship with the engine (can I cope with 600 "cubes"?). Well and then, it was necessary to buy moto “for growth”. Everything - the order is done! It remained to wait … So that the expectation did not become tedious, he went to "open" category "A" in "rights", as well as acquire equipment. Driving motocourses are a “motor show”! “Tricksters” - amateurs try to control the rebellious “Sunrises”, they are watched by a grateful hooting audience. The sight! It was cold, +5 Celsius, in some places lay snow. “Sunrise” chadded with a gasoline-oil mixture, when starting, it fell off to the south. The performance of the “snake” is an exciting number!.. On that first day, the route from the beginning to the end traveled a maximum of every tenth.

In shopping for the “ekip”, I traveled to almost all the motor showrooms in the capital and realized: there is nothing to catch here. If that’s good, then it’s “not my money” … Then he ordered Shoei RF1000 to friends from the USA, it cost me $ 280 - cheap: the same helmet in Moscow pulls for 500. It was difficult to choose bots. The only ones that got on their feet are the SIDI Vertebra Race Carbon.

A series of these little joys was followed by a black streak. However, now I’m not sure anymore whether it was bad luck or, conversely, luck … I was waiting for the motorcycle to arrive, now it’s the eve of the driving season, but everyone did not call me at the motor show. I’m calling myself - they obviously don’t want to talk to me … But then an announcement was posted on the website of the motorcycle salon: a reward to someone who finds a motorcycle. The same one. It turns out that he was kidnapped on the stage. But the manager did not have enough spirit to tell me about this.


After another month of fruitless chimes with the interior, I was offered a replacement - the “liter” GSX-R: it is in excellent condition, I was offered a discount … But I never drove a motorcycle - and immediately got on an evil “liter”? Especially the “jixer”? I'm in shock! On the one hand, we are all ready to ride a wild mustang, but on the other hand, for the first time you can fall from a pony. Reason prevailed, and I refused. After a long pause, the interior offered the 98 Honda Fireblade. I climb onto the Internet, frantically looking for information about him, looking for owner reviews, carefully, gradually asking everyone the stupid question: is a newbie able to tame the fire? 99% of the answers are no. And in the aftermath it is recommended to immediately insure life, buy health insurance more expensive, a bed in Sklif and a plot on the graveyard. But something in me says: take it! Fire is more expensive - and this is an argument against. Although any argument of this kind breaks the counterargument: a good thing cannot be cheap … I take it all!

And here he is in Moscow! Irrepressible joy gave way to fears: and if what they brought in doesn’t look as beautiful as in the auction picture that I was beckoned for? When a red-blue-white miracle with big clever slanting eyes-headlights rolled out to me, doubts instantly evaporated. He stood on a stand and peered good-naturedly at me, his new master. Like! Firmly knocked down, bright "Fox", slightly shivering in the cold Russian spring, he had already dreamed of driving away somewhere in the fogs, scouting - maybe there was warm rough asphalt behind them and the bright sun was warming?..

We met, we are friends, and I admire you, Fireblade. "Honda", a little not reaching the "liter" (working volume - 919 "cubes"), a 4-stroke 4-cylinder engine with four carburetors. How do 124 “horses” “fit” in you? The motor worked very softly, resonantly and briskly responded to the easy movement of the gas handle. Mileage on the odometer is 32, 000 km, the appearance is impeccable: a complete set of “native” plastic, in the “native” factory paint, without a single chip (“abrasions” on the mirrors, scratches on the engine covers do not count). Without a single defect, the Devil carbon muffler, with a beautiful, thick sound.

The first two meters of motion forever settled the idea: absolute control over the position of the throttle stick! "Fox" will not forgive negligence. Sensitive and accurate brakes immediately make it clear why they are here …

I learned to ride in a straight line, there - back, there - back … I tried to turn on a wide patch. The understanding has come that if you just got behind the wheel, then you need to slow down before the turn, and not during or instead of it. I recalled a physics course from high school, vector diagrams of all earthly forces acting on a moving body.

For driveways between garages in three days I dashed four kilometers. In the evenings I went home with a question to myself: when? Will I be able to drive the big road tomorrow? He fell asleep anxiously: in the morning I will decide on something … I decided: in the morning! And flipped through the pages of memory of those young, beautiful, who left, but they told us to be smarter, more restrained on the road …

I went to the garage, warmed up the engine, re-paid for it, drove out … There were a lot of cars on the road, and I would not say that they all wanted to give me the way just because it was my first trip. After waiting when the crowd of cars resolved a little, he set off. First, second … "Red" traffic light. He stopped in the middle of the row, the neutral did not turn on - not before that. Yes, and why, if you can stand and with the clutch. In the meantime, you need to understand how to move, so as not to call anyone under the wheels … "Green" - the cars went. I was in no hurry, retaggered, set off … The helmet glass was foggy - I forgot to open the ventilation. That is the reason to stop. He stood, caught his breath - again on the road. In five minutes, the lack of confidence in their own and “fox” forces vanished completely: the first, second, third - 50, 60, 70 km / h … Under the wheels there is black asphalt, something rises forward flow. From the "Fox" is warm. But I keep myself in control: everything, for the first time enough - home …

Over the season, 4500 km passed, changed the candles, oil, all filters, bought a new battery, pulled the chain once. A lot of different things happened on the roads, there was not one thing - falls in traffic. But there were, however, petty, stupid … Somehow I stopped at the sandy curb, the road went downhill. Then he did as it became a habit: first stop, freeze with the Fox in a dead center, put your foot and lean on it … So now I stopped, put my foot … But there is an empty space under it … A scratch on the plastic, “established” mirror…

Another time, on a suburban highway, he “caught” “wobbling”. Again, by stupidity. The road from MKAD to my dacha can conditionally be divided into three high-speed sections. The first is smooth clean asphalt, here I keep a cruising speed of 220–230 km / h. Not because I'm in a hurry, but because the Fox is level, practically does not flutter. The suspension “eats” absolutely all cracks and pits (I’m probably lucky - the suspension settings set in Japan for the previous owner are also completely suitable for me): at least lie down on the tank. You can not keep the steering wheel, do nothing at all. You can’t do one thing - to sit "at full height", for obvious reason. At speeds over 180 km / h, the straightforwardness of the movement of the "fire" is of a certain unconditional nature … In the next section I keep 190-200 - the road is already worse here. Small holes in the canvas hit in the ass, do not allow you to lose vigilance: are you sure of your skill?.. After another ten and a half kilometers, a good road begins, I already have 160-180 km / h. Irregularities on the asphalt strive to knock down the Fox from the vertical, so persistently and insidiously that I wonder: will I get there?

Well, why are other car drivers eager to drive sports bikes? What do they want to prove?.. In the mirrors I saw a black SAAB 9-5 Aero chasing me along an empty highway. Pepper driving clearly wanted something - he wrote out obscure pretzels. I decided: "away from sin" and quietly, peacefully, tried to leave - increased speed. He opened the gas: 180, 200, 220 … And then it began! The wheel hit the site where the asphalt is in the wave. The rebound began: the fork contracted. Again the “wave” - the fork was already compressed to the limit. The third “wave” - there was a rebound with the front wheel detached from the cover, the wheel again and again banged on the influx of asphalt. Beat steering began. He looked at the tidy - "220". Lots of! Where in a hurry, why?.. Kate Code behaviors ran through my head. No, there is no such case in his descriptions!.. And then I decided to do nothing - not to dump gas, not to slow down and not to accelerate, but simply to loosen the steering wheel grip and trust “Fox”. He, as if in doubt, made a couple more jerks - and calmed down, carried me on. But he didn’t want to hurry anymore. I slowed down to 140. I analyzed it: after all, I drive here every day, but I’m not ready to make a universal decision that would eliminate the threat of “diving” with a face into these waves. I found a solution later: now I’m going round the place (and still ordered a Scotts steering damper).

My “fire” has a certain tendency to “fold” in half inside the turn, when in the corner you get into the hole in the wheel, or when you slow down or dump gas.

Regarding the movement on the highway. Let me note that the "Razor" of the 98th year has pleasant tourist "notes", but - with the dominant sport component: I deduced this formulation experimentally.

The nature of my work, unfortunately, does not allow me to leave Moscow for at least a couple of days. But I seized the same moment and escaped on a business trip to Tula - on the "Fox". By that time, the back and arms were already strong enough to make such trips. The degree of ease of control of the Fox directly depends on whether the pilot shifts the weight of his body to his hands or rests on the bike (and holds the bike itself) by grasping with his legs and back.

On this journey came the sensations that I put on the wording about the character of "Razor". “Lis” consumes about 5-6 liters of fuel per 100 km. If you “fry all the money”, the expense, of course, grows. I didn’t add oil once, and this year I would not want to. The difference in fuel consumption in the city and on the highway is not installed. I admit that she is not at all. Among other things, I realized the need for the luggage net: it is unreasonable to drag business equipment (suit, tie) in a backpack behind your back.

In the city of "Fox" - the king! It reacts very sensitively to the opening and closing of the gas, this manipulation is accompanied by a sharp change in the tonality of the exhaust sound. What, among other things, makes car drivers listen: what is approaching there?.. The large supply of power in the city is extremely important: well, who likes to click gears endlessly, even if they switch always clearly, easily and accurately? It is more pleasant and convenient when the motor is infinitely elastic - then it has the magic power of suggestion: you are the master, confident in your abilities!

Widely placed mirrors are convenient. I know for sure that the plastic contour framing them is three to four centimeters away from the outer edge of the mirror, so if I crawl between two cars and graze their mirrors with my edges, I can still drive through.

This spring, I installed the ignition unit and the xenon lamp in one “eye”, but left the second usual - to “blink” with a high beam. Xenon brought excellent visibility to the road and roadsides at night. Yes, and the “Fox” itself has become more visible.

Since we are talking about fast driving, let me note that the “fire” requires well-designed aerodynamic forms of equipment - whether it is a helmet, gloves or overalls. When driving at high speeds, for 200 km / h, the incoming air flow is already similar to a more "solid" environment than a light spring breeze. An increased concentration of attention leads to an accelerated expenditure of body forces, so every morning on the way from my summer cottage to work, I still pop in my Moscow apartment to take a shower - to relieve fatigue.

I'm going to install reinforced brake hoses, although I must admit that this is not very necessary.

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