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The kit includes a front spoiler with large openings and side ventilation slots. They make the car more impressive in appearance. You can purchase additional moldings (chrome or black) that will decorate the front of the car. There is also an option in the "carbon" version.

Additional optics are rarely superfluous. In the set from JE-Design, you can include a four-headlamp lighting system, which will complete the front view of the car.

Profile A8 concisely finalized: door sills with air vents. This is enough to make the massive sedan look more squat, and therefore faster and more sporty.

The wing on the trunk lid has long ceased to be a sports accessory - it is often put on executive cars. He is also on the tuning "eight." The German company believes that at high speed it loads the rear axle, but it would be more honest to say that it just looks great. A diffuser under the rear bumper also adorns the car. By the way, his presence does not interfere with parking sensors. This system will not be out of place here - you can easily hook a curb stone.

A new development of the tuning studio is the V8-Sound exhaust system with 4 chrome pipes. The diameter of each - 101 mm - is larger than that of KAMAZ. Sounds harsh. In addition, the company guarantees an increase in capacity.

The tuning program also includes an additional electronic model, Blackbox. Under his control, the car body can drop by 35 mm - it is very convenient for driving on highways.

Well, of course, the wheels. JE-Design made sure that the A8 had everything in an adult way: alloy wheels with stainless steel outer rings were selected. The size of the front - 8.5x20 inches, rear wider by 1.5 inches. Recommended tires are Pirelli P Zero (Italian tire manufacturers - Audi partners) 255 / 35ZR20 and 285 / 30ZR20. Thanks to special adapters, the tuning wheels allow you to keep the current tire pressure monitoring system. One thing is bad - they are not cheap at all: more than 5, 550 euros … Or maybe it's good - there will be something to brag about.

The body kit can be installed on cars with a standard wheelbase and on long-wheelbase. Drilling the body is not necessary - regular mounting points and a special adhesive are suitable.

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