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Gamma Alfa

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Gamma Alfa
Gamma Alfa

You understand - tuning Alfa Romeo are even less common with us. But in some European countries the ratio is approximately equal, and a considerable merit in that for many years belongs to the German company Novitec.

One of its latest developments is a tuning program for the Alfa Romeo GT coupe. The package includes an impressive set of equipment with prices clearly above average for cars of this class. However, a true Alfa fan should not be stingy.

The highlight of the program is, of course, the trendy “wings” - doors in the style of Lamborghini. At Novitec, such an alteration costs 1, 699 euros. But what a magnificent view!

The GT has several engines. The best of these is the 3.2-liter V6. It also develops tangible power in the standard version - 240 hp, allowing the car to accelerate to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds. For those who are not enough, the Germans have prepared two models of mechanical superchargers. With the installation will cost no less than 5990 euros. The modification will require the replacement of the exhaust system (stainless steel, stylish design), so you will have to add about 700 euros to the bill. Those who undertook the modernization, it makes sense to buy another low-resistance filter, worth mere trifles against the background of the supercharger.

After boosting, it will be logical to turn to the brakes. And here there are options - brake discs with a diameter of 320 or 340 mm. What is especially interesting - the cost of the first set is half that of the second. Presumably, the thing is calipers.

The choice of suspension will make you think. Novitec sells pendants as a set, as well as individually different shock absorbers, springs, stabilizers and braces. Before buying, it would be nice to consult with a specialist. Many drivers, for example, are not satisfied with an underestimation of 35–37 mm - then you can take the suspension at the usual height, but stiffer than the standard one. More tuners offer to expand the track by 15 mm. The kit includes four spacers and 16 long bolts.

It is possible to list details for the interior for a long time, so let's say one thing: there is everything there to turn a regular salon into an individual one.

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