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In the standard, the BMW 545i is one of the fastest cars in its class. However, the only external difference from the rest of the “fives” is the larger diameter wheels … “A bit poor …” - the owner of the car decided and went to choose a body kit.

The method chosen by him is unoriginal - for a long time the owners of BMW have turned factory models into the likeness of immigrants of the M-Technik department. The highlight of a particular machine is performance. The car did not begin to be accurately designed for the M5, but they picked up an aerodynamic body kit that echoes the famous design, but with its own features. It turned out original, like the M5 in styling.

A set of plastic elements was made at the Lumma studio (Germany). Bumpers and sills are included. In Russia, the inscription “Lumma” was cut out on the thresholds, a red neon light was made - so that in the dark it was clear that the car was not simple.

Perhaps this is not the most ambitious approach, but the new “five” does not really need defiant sports styling: here the less you hang it, the less you spoil it. Unless it’s worth a little emphasizing the power of the car.

The front bumper gives the sedan aggression, the sills visually expand the "five", and from the stern - "five minutes to five M5". The G-Power TuV-Sound's luxurious 4-barrel release sounds nice, adding 8 bhp in between. power. There are practically no import tuning in the cabin. There is a domestic one made by the specialists of the Azimut-SP company.

The whole process of transformation cost 8810 euros. It seems to be a bit much for such a modest scale … And the highlight? Do not forget about the careful attitude of tuners to style!

Vadim Anikeev, Head of tuning, Azimut-SP CJSC:

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