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How The "euro" Fell In Price

How The "euro" Fell In Price
How The "euro" Fell In Price

Time flew by, Europe legalized the stricter Euro III, and a thin trickle of exports to Eastern Europe and the Baltic States dried up. For help turned to foreign firms, but …

In the course of negotiations with Western partners, it became clear that the price of their modernization options will exceed one million dollars - which means that you need to rely on yourself. The benefit of a lot of money for independent engine modernization was not required.

The fuel equipment became a stumbling block. The GAZ-560 diesel engine is equipped with mechanical pump nozzles that provide a very high injection pressure of 2000 bar, and the microprocessor control system allows you to change cycle feeds to any mode with an accuracy of 1 mmz, which more than covers the capabilities of the fashionable “Common Rail” system. However, the mechanical pump nozzle does not allow changing the angle of advance of the injection during engine operation. The beginning of the fuel supply is rigidly set by the geometry of the cam on the camshaft and the adjustment when assembling the engine.

The specialists of the company "Steyr" did not hide from us the technical idea that they intended to implement on the Euro III engine. This is the eccentric axis of the rocker arm, which is rotated at the command of the microprocessor, while the rocker “moves” or “moves away” from the camshaft cam, thereby changing the start time of the injection.

Time, as always, was not enough, so we worked right away in three directions. While the drawings of the actuators were being developed, the optimal angles for various engine modes were selected at the stand using a mechanism … allowing manual adjustment. At the same time, they tried to create a new engine control program based on existing algorithms.

The first encouraging result was obtained at the stand. By setting the optimum injection advance angle, it was possible to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and eliminate exhaust gas recirculation. Failure to do so has led to a reduction in particle emissions - meeting Euro III requirements has become a reality.

With automatic angle adjustment, things were a little more complicated. Only the third version of the mechanism, which consisted of a combination of a hydraulic cylinder and a gear motor, was successful. A serial gearmotor installed on a faucet of a cabin heater with climate control (for example, VAZ 2110), completely suited the role of a control mechanism.

After practicing the mechanical part of the project, it was the turn of programmers and electronic engineers. On the basis of the Euro II control unit, a unit was created that was able to change the injection advance angle.

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