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The Lady Checked In Her Luggage

Video: The Lady Checked In Her Luggage
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The Lady Checked In Her Luggage
The Lady Checked In Her Luggage

My questions like “Why?” Usually result in a grumbling from the series “It’s not enough that something will happen on the road” and a boring lecture begins on how he famously repaired a car with a broken piece somewhere between Holu and Orleans. I have no doubt that for most men the same thing happens in the trunk, but another thing is interesting: is the “female” trunk different for the better? And in general, do the ladies know what lies in their trunk and how to use it?

This can be clarified only by experience. That is, by pestering young ladies in public places.

To the surprise of the entire male section of the editorial office, the first young lady without hesitation listed all the necessary attributes from the section "saving the drowning …": spare wheel, jack, set of wrenches, cable, canister with oil, etc. Moreover, according to this sweet motorist, she used all this more than once for her intended purpose. True, we did not get an answer to the question “What kind of oil?” - they say, motor! Are there any others?

The following young women were significantly less independent. So, the luggage compartment of the next lady was carefully cleared of all unnecessary. The only thing we managed to find there was a small sports bag from which a tennis racket protruded. When asked what she would do in the event of an “unexplained breakdown,” she confidently answered: “I’ll call my husband!” Logically.

Another lady found a red triangle in a pile of grocery bags. It turned out that a caring son put him in the trunk and even explained how to put it. And in which case she was going to call the rescue service - they probably have a spare wheel and a jack.

A funny situation was with the owner of Moskvich. She knew for sure that she had a spare, but could not find her for quite some time.

- I don’t understand anything! When dad gave it to me (dad), he told me that she has everything she needs! And a spare wheel, and some other brackets or something …

- Did you mean the jack?

- Well yes!

Probably, if it was a script for the performance, under these words in italics would be written "curtain". And while the male part of the audience shouts “bravo”, I’ll find a new “figurant”.

Here's another madame carefully pushing food into the trunk. What about the products? Only the cable!

Where are the attributes of independence? A set of spare parts, wrenches and other necessary glands?

- Yes, this state of affairs does not mean that we are not independent! - the last motorist reassures me: - Judge for yourself, will you climb into the white jacket under the hood or change the wheel? It’s easier to call technical assistance, they are paid money for it, but what kind of pleasure are you picking?

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