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Protracted Acquaintance

Video: Protracted Acquaintance
Video: Acquaintances 2023, February
Protracted Acquaintance
Protracted Acquaintance

The Russian LiAZ Fans Club (some of the buses are also exported) has long been divided according to interests. In some regions, they require the installation of a reliable Yaroslavl V6 engine, putting up with its "shaking". And, for example, in Tatarstan they do not recognize another engine, except for KamAZ. Moscow and Peter prefer Belgian “caterpillars”. With excellent balance and reliability of the engine itself (where are our in-line sixes?), Brazilian compressors and generators were tortured by drivers. Now the problems have disappeared: Knorr pumps the air, and the “power station” is from Moscow. Now Cummins has been added to these engines. With different volume and weight, these diesels have a power range of 230–250 liters. with. and compliance with Euro II.

In Mosgortrans, half of the buses are from Likin, and drivers have long noticed: the snow does not come off the roads with the advent of spring, but from the Tosola fleeing from LiAZs. Nowadays, the pipes of the cooling system, the silencer and the fuel tank are made of stainless steel, the hoses are made from Balakovo or imported silicone, and the clamps are made from Sweden.

An improved Shadrinsky radiator in combination with a nine-blade fan and a new pneumatic friction clutch will reduce the likelihood of overheating in the summer.

The Kazan GMP has been installed under the Voith license for almost 10 years, and now they have begun to put the six-speed Allison. In addition to locking the torque converter, it has two upshifts - with them the engine will work in more economical modes.

The brakes have also changed. The rear cameras with energy accumulators are now from Knorr, the wedge drum brakes are Vabko, and the pedal is imported. Taking a closer look at the work of migrant workers from Central Asia, they set up a “mud” receiver and equipped it with an automatic condensate discharge valve. We are not aware that from time to time we must pull the valve rope, and they don’t know the words “condensate”.

A bus is more afraid of rust than a passenger car. The body frame is the plexus of steel thin-walled pipes and profiles, and the load matches the truck. In real bus depots there were always body sections where welders did not sit without work.

Today, in the CIS, no one can provide such a bus protection against corrosion, except LiAZ. Only here there are huge baths for phosphation and cataphoretic priming. Paints and mastics - imported. Sheathing of the sides, steps, arches - from galvanization, the front and rear masks - from fiberglass - there is nothing to rust.

By the way, thanks to the masks, you can change the facade and stern of the bus to more fashionable, if necessary, without significant costs. The upgraded LiAZ has high windshields and a slightly understated front mask. It looks modern, although it looks like a competitor - Lviv “Liner”. It has become more convenient to change the bulbs in the headlights, reclining on hinges. But you won’t be able to quickly adjust - the adjustment screws are inside.

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