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Leipzig Score Loves


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Leipzig Score Loves
Leipzig Score Loves

Why another exhibition, almost completely repeating the previous one? With the expansion of united Europe to the East, the population of countries not spoiled by either Western European salaries or representative exhibitions was included in the number of “their” customers. Of course, a resident of Poland or the Baltic states can visit Geneva. But pleasure is not cheap. And here, just a month later, they offer to see almost the same thing, but much cheaper. Huge glass pavilions can be visited for only 9 euros, and the ticket price includes free travel almost throughout East Germany! In general, saving, the ability to count and spend money rationally is perhaps one of the main features of the Leipzig exhibition.


The exhibition has gone from its former booth atmosphere, but on the stands there were only Ferrari and Maserati. And Volkswagen, a native of the Germans, immediately pleased with two world premieres - the updated Polo and the European version of the Brazilian Fox. More recently, Wolfgang Bernhard, known for the successful financial rehabilitation of Chrysler, began operating the concern. Now he has to return the Volkswagen to the path of profitability. The recipe consists in the comprehensive development of an inexpensive but massive sector.

The thousand-strong Bugatti, the prestigious Tuareg, the luxurious Bentley - all this, of course, is spectacular, but Golf has always been truly profitable for Volkswagen. It was necessary to weaken attention to the public sector, and the minuses in reporting began to grow before our eyes. Now you have to save, apparently, even on the “matches”. Perhaps that is why instead of the usual CD with photos of new products, journalists were offered a card with access codes to the photo archive on the Internet.

As for the novelties themselves, this is another fun case of blurring the boundaries between classes. Fox is supposed to replace Lupo, which is not very successful from the point of view of sales, but at the same time it is almost the size of Polo, only 88 mm behind in length. But the Fox is wider, and it holds exactly the same amount of luggage. The motors in both models are the same, only Polo has more powerful ones. In the “Comfortline” and “Sportline” versions, “Polo” has an ESP, and for “Fox” you have to pay 400 euros for it. But the Brazilian car costs from 9000, and you can’t buy native German for less than 11, 250 euros. Of this couple, I liked Fox better - it somehow looks more lively.

Another premiere, which, of course, could not pass greedy for cars and thrifty Germans - our "Kalina". Alas, the doors of the burgundy car were locked; they only allowed to admire the interior of the trunk. Representatives of the VAZ referred to periodic attacks of vandalism by the local public, costing "dozens" of several gas tank plugs and broken (or broken off?) Levers. But even the new Bentley was hospitably open! In addition to “Kalina,” only the arrogant Maybach in Leipzig didn’t let anyone freeze on chic seats. But its doors were wide open, and the interior was brightly lit. They promise that closer to the start of sales at the Frankfurt Salon, the Germans will still be able to try "Kalina" "on the tooth."


Here, quite strange music began to play on German soil. I can’t guarantee that it was the hymn “Aleut Vostok”, but along with many I hastened to see what was hidden under a snow-white blanket at the stand of the Chinese “Brilliance Auto”. There is a business class sedan "Zhonghua", developing, as they say, more than 190 km / h and accelerating to a hundred in 13.8 s thanks to a two-liter Mitsubishi engine. At the same time, in their homeland, “Jonghua” costs … 12, 100 euros! Interesting! “We will sell Zhonghua wherever demand arises,” said company spokesman Liu Quiang, referring to exports not only to Germany, but also to the Middle East, Russia and South Africa. “The market in China is stagnating and there are no signs that the situation will improve,” these are the words of Li Yufei at an industry meeting in Beijing. It is very likely that the promised 6, 500 Chinese sedans are just the first swallows on the European continent.

Almost everything in Leipzig revolved around, if not economy, then economy. Even the handsome "Bentley-Flying Spur" was put up against the background … "Dacia Logan." Such is the unity and struggle of opposites. Of course, “Logan” was studied by the public literally far and wide. I don’t know how many spare levers the exposition masters spent. However, they had other experiences: shortly before the German premiere, insurers tested the car for a collision at a speed of … 15 km / h. The results were such that the AvtoCASCO rate should be equal to that for … Porsche. This, of course, could discourage the acquisition of such an “expensive” car, but Renault urgently took measures to strengthen a number of structural elements.


And here are more examples of economical, albeit rather peculiar cars. "Maximum speed" of the microcar "Baruder" - only 60 km / h. But in addition to a couple of riders inside, a whole cubic meter of luggage will fit, and the driver can get category S rights already at 16 years old. The tax is only 25 euros per year, insurance - another 93 euros. Saving? Solid, if you forget that the machine costs about 10, 000! Another small car, standing apart from the masses, bears the proud name "Jet Car", in a free translation - "fighter". Indeed, everything inside, like in the cockpit, isn’t except the lever that removes the landing gear. The double crew reaches 160 km / h, while consuming no more than 2.5 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km! Christian Wenger-Rosenau, the head of Jet Car Zucunftfartzoig, is very proud of the fact that he managed to “compete” with eminent manufacturers by producing this small-scale car costing … from 40, 000 euros.


And yet, which of the newcomers gathered the largest number of interested viewers? Stylish "Citroen-C1" or his fervent brother, "Toyota Aigo"? But they didn’t guess! Crowds walked around the updated Chevrolet Matiz.

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