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On Saturday, the showroom looked like an anthill. Here’s Kalina, standing in a public place. And where are the crowds of onlookers? Visitors came up, were interested, took seats, looked under the hood, but there was no excitement around the new model. It is logical, because competitors have appeared that are comparable to domestic cars in cost. Let me remind you that the plant announced the selling price of Kalina - $ 7500. That is, at the car dealership, having paid for “music”, anticorrosive, etc., you will leave no less than eight thousand …


“I didn’t wait, I would have appeared on sale earlier - I bought it,” explains the owner of the new Hyundai Accent. “I had a VAZ 21099. Broke constantly. I won’t buy a domestic car anymore,”snapped the owner of the Daewoo Nexia. However, those who spoke “for” and “against” were approximately equally divided. “Nice and spacious inside!” When can I sign up for a queue?”Asked the lady, the owner of the Zhiguli. The man was more circumspect: “I like the car, but I need to ride - what if it’s worse than my“ten”?” Well, please, come for a test drive.

In general, the situation is clear. Potential buyers of Kalina are mainly the current owners of domestic models. There are a lot of them now, but if in the near future the novelty will not be on sale … Travelers on foreign cars do not even look in her direction - the predecessors pretty much dampened the reputation of the new model, and it is not easy to regain confidence. Will this Kalina succeed? We’ll find out soon …


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