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Mister 420

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Mister 420
Mister 420

In 2003, the owner of the Ural Automotive Plant changed: the former ZIL branch became part of the SK Prom group and became known as Ural Automobiles and Motors CJSC. The new owners, having bought the car factory, understood that you won’t last long with the old ZILs. With what to break into the market?

To begin with, SK Prom managers in several large Russian regions organized research - “which truck do you need?” Unexpectedly, a consumer voted for a four-ton diesel car. Then the leaders of SK Prom remembered the Indian company Tata Motors.

Last year, Tata Motors acquired a majority stake in the Daewoo cargo compartment and became the largest truck and bus manufacturer in South Asia.


“Tattoos” - this is how Indian trucks are called at the factory, which are assembled on the main conveyor. In 2004, 400 Tata-613s were already manufactured, but so far on slipways (they are likely to enter the AMUR brand on our market). As expected, localization is provided. The car has already received Russian tires, in the cab there is a powerful Zilov “stove” for the driver, and so that the fuel does not freeze, a heater. Perhaps, over time, in the Urals they will make a frame, bridges. So far, everything is coming from the shores of the Indian Ocean.

The plant managers have enough reasons for optimism: the first portfolio of orders for the year has already been collected. Apparently, customers are satisfied with the base price of $ 16 thousand, and the warranty conditions are suitable: 75 thousand km of total mileage and 120 thousand for the engine.

In the memorable film "Mr. 420", the hero of Raj Kapoor, in any situation, retained faith in a bright future, which helped him survive. But this is a movie, but what about the fate of Tata in Russia?

Valery Kuzovkov, Deputy Head of Sales, ZAO AMUR:

“Firstly, a car is high-quality components. Tata has 12 in-house component manufacturing plants. Moreover, all of them are joint ventures with companies in France, the USA, Korea, Spain and Japan, and everything that they produce is also exported to the same countries. Secondly, the model on which we chose was in the “past life” a “Mercedes”, so her pedigree is worthy. At first, we set our sights on the production of two models - Tata-407 and Tata-613, but the first one was abandoned - it was very expensive.

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