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On The Front-line Roads

Video: On The Front-line Roads
Video: The Hidden Reality Of Life On The Front Line | Road Warriors S1 EP1 | Wonder 2023, February
On The Front-line Roads
On The Front-line Roads

At first, Buchin was not allowed at first - he drove the emka in the tail of the escort convoy. In Moscow, the work was not dusty, Zhukov traveled a little. The route is the General Staff, the Kremlin and vice versa, an apartment, a summer residence … But September 41st came.

“It was in the Kalinin region,” says Alexander Nikolaevich. - Weather - trash: wind, rain, clay road unlucky. Suddenly, the all-terrain vehicle GAZ-61, riding ahead, with Zhukov “on board” flew into the ditch. They tried to pull out the car - failed. Bedov, the chief of security of Georgy Konstantinovich, ran up to me: “Help out! You're a racer!..”I got behind the wheel of a stuck all-terrain vehicle, turned on the front axle. Forward, backward - jumped out of the ditch. Zhukov did not say a word, I returned to my tail car … A couple of days later I drove to the front line General Kokorev, Zhukov’s handbook. We drove through a forest through a forest and ran out into a clearing. And there is a panic on it: several dozens of bewildered Red Army men are rushing around in different directions, a "messer" is "having fun" over them - shelling the children. "Emka" I instantly drove under a tree, in the bushes. Kokorev left, I had to watch the bloody entertainments of the bastard fighter for some time. When the general returned, we drove on … Then he accidentally found out that he had reported to Zhukov that under fire I had time to dive with the emka under the branches of a tree - I showed courage … It’s not about courage, it’s just that the motocrossman has a great reaction.


Once, Zhukov, the security guard, said: “You’ll carry yourself.” I replied: “Yes!”

He sat behind the wheel of a GAZ-61, beside Zhukov, in the back seat Bedov and the adjutant. As soon as we left the courtyard, where Zhukov slept, the car stopped. I took the key, raised the hood, unscrewed the gas line, blew it out - and the engine rattled. Let's go … Nobody said a word. But from that day began my service as a driver Zhukov.

At the wheel of the GAZ-61, cross-country skills were useful more than once. Once we arrived at the river, and the bridge was destroyed. Take a detour? So, after Zhukov, every minute counts. I figured it out, where it was smaller, quietly lowered the front of the car into the water, turned on the first gear, gave it more speed - and how it freaked!.. Flew out on the other side. Zhukov responded: “Well, artist! …”

Alexander Nikolaevich has a medal “For Courage”. It would seem, what feats a driver can accomplish? Have you tried driving at night without headlights? And he had to not betray himself. And how many times he dodged bombs and shells, drove off the road and drove through the intersection.

In the 42nd near Yelnya, Buchin recalls, he drove a large Buick, in the car Zhukov and almost the entire General Staff. And suddenly the car hit the ice with dry asphalt! Be behind the wheel of another who knows how it would end … But, again, crossover skills, excellent reaction and composure - that’s what helped him, Alexander Nikolayevich is sure.

Meanwhile, the driver of such a prominent person in the state is also responsible for the reputation of his commander. Especially at a time when everyone, including the highest ranks of the army, was “under the hood”, and any misconduct of a subordinate could cause trouble for the boss. Adversaries will always be found …


- It was in Odessa, shortly after the war. A friend asked me to take him on a motorcycle to a friend. He sat down behind us, and we drove along Deribasovskaya, both in uniform. And then I decided to show off - ride in front of people walking, standing on a motorcycle. He got up, and we rushed along a busy street … When I was already returning, they were waiting for me: the policemen, holding hands, blocked the way. I pretended to “give up”, slowed down, they relaxed … But a few steps from the chain I turned the throttle stick. The motorcycle roared, I bent to the steering wheel and slipped under my arms apart … The next day, Georgy Konstantinovich called me and said from the threshold, “There is a cart on you, Alexander Nikolaevich.” - “What cart?” - “And who yesterday hooligans on Deribasovskaya ?!” I had to repent. Zhukov did not scold, but only heaved a sigh. Later I found out that, it turns out, on these very days in Odessa from Moscow came another “controller” Zhukov - he was collecting dirt. It turns out that in a sense I “framed” Georgy Konstantinovich. Since serving under the marshal, he has not allowed anything like this to himself.

Georgy Vasilievich Khristoforov went to war “with a delay”: in June of the 41st he finished his studies at the institute, and graduate students were given a month to pass state exams. With a university diploma, he got to the mortar and artillery school - and immediately to the front, near Volokolamsk. He did not fight for long - a shell-shock, which, however, he had hidden for a long time. November 7, 1941 as part of his artillery school, he participated in a parade on Red Square. After the parade, the whole school was sent to the rear to finish their studies. Still, a concussion was found in Georgy Vasilievich, and he no longer got to the front, but remained to teach. In the spring of 1942 he returned to Moscow, went to work at an armored plant as the head of a motorcycle manufacturing department.

After the war, Khristoforov organized a motorcycle section at the enterprise, “went head to head” in sports, several times won in multi-day events in the class of motorcycles with wheelchairs, and was awarded five DOSAAF Badges of Honor. Georgy Vasilyevich master of sports, honored trainer of the RSFSR, raised many masters.

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