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Through The Mouth Of A Postman

Video: Through The Mouth Of A Postman
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Through The Mouth Of A Postman
Through The Mouth Of A Postman

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It doesn’t look like a motorcycle at all …”the postman Pat said with the air of a connoisseur, stuffing the mail into a bright red mailbox sticking out across from the ruins of a 14th-century Kelinworth castle. The castle is located half an hour from the Triumph factory. In the background of the ruins, a photo shoot took place, the main object of attention is the Speed ​​Triple bike. Photographers unfolded it this way and that against the background of a typical English surroundings - so that it was immediately clear: the motorcycle was English.

“Looks more like a monster ant,” Pat continued. - Evil. With a burrow. I bet he has huge teeth. He wouldn’t bite you, sir …

Thanks for the care, Pat. Now, please, drive off your mail truck so that we can continue taking pictures. And do not hesitate, or I will set this iron insect on you. Thank you buddy …

The postman is absolutely right: the burrows are what the Triumph Speed ​​Triple has in abundance. It was this feature that helped the model become the best-selling street fighter in the meticulously design-conscious, technical-strict Italian market. But also the growing volume of branded 12-valve 3-cylinder engine with a large power range. And the torque is the width of an Amazon.


Born in 1994 with a simple trick (the designers simply removed the lining from the Daytona 900), a couple of years later the Speed ​​Triple turned from an uncouth elongated sport bike into a true street rod. It was the T509, which already had insect-like “eyes” and an 885 cc engine with injection. In 1999, the engine rang out to 995 cubes, while maintaining the same power - 108 hp, but with the best torque. In 2002, Triumph designers managed to raise power to 118 liters. with. Now the strength of the new 1050 cc engine is already 128 hp. at 9100 rpm, the torque also increased - up to 105 N.m at 5100 rpm, but with a wider range: 95 N.m can be obtained at only 3300 rpm.

I flaunt numbers for a reason (I'm not from Triumph, but I'm from England). His very appearance speaks of what he is. The new Speed ​​Triple is an example of the concept of minimalism. And fully lives up to expectations. Aggressiveness of the look with a black “troika” squeezed into the frame indicates that the bike is ready to respond tremblingly to the turn of the key in the lock, and the gradually increasing power and pull will allow you to cruise along the boulevards at low speeds in search of prey. But if a badass wakes up in me, he will gladly pick up this rage … Postman Pat is right: a car with a lot. Turn on the ignition - hold on here!

That's it, it was just this that I most often did, while the bike was at my disposal for a week …. I must say, things were not allowed to go to the presentation of the motorcycle, arranged for the press, in the south of France, where they invited me, but it for the better - at the factory I was handed a copy for individual tests. Looking ahead, I’ll tell you that from the first minutes to the last I was conquered by the incomparable revelry of power and the excellent controllability of the street rod. To admit, more than once these days I visited the thought: God alone knows what inhuman efforts Triumph'y (and with him Cagiva, Aprilia, Ducati, Benelli, now KTM and MZ, who followed in the footsteps of Triumph) were silent, not to protest and not even mock when Harley-Davidson called the V-Rod Cruiser a street rod of clean water. Triumph is still the real, the best … No, he is one of a kind. He proves his exclusivity differently. This is his brainchild, which is now beneath me, impatiently waiting for the moment when she can rush forward and … My dear mother!


But I won’t praise him too much. Due to the short streetfighter rear, the Speed ​​Triple looks scanty, looking like a stump. So you sit on a not too high (815 mm) and quite comfortable seat and notice that the mirrors are useless here: the image of what is behind is blurry in them (even if they vibrate a little less than on the Sprint ST). You turn the throttle stick - Speed ​​Triple will respond with a pleasant sound: it is muffled. But this is the same memorable roar of a 3-cylinder engine coming from an air filter and two silencers (the sound varies in pitch depending on how much you open the gas). Throughout the rev range, you listen to his melody. The great achievement of Triumph designers is that such a “musical” motorcycle complies with Euro-2 noise standards. Despite the smooth torque curve, I found myself constantly looking for a reason to shift gears, even when it was absolutely not required.

As not the latest specialist in motor music, I want to say that the designers of Triumph took into account the criticism of the sports tween Thruxton Bonneville: he “sang” timidly, like a sewing machine. Now - away reproaches! The sound of the Speed ​​Triple will make you feel its sound with your gut, and each time the driver will open the gas - in order to “muzzify”.

Thanks to the balancing shaft, Speed ​​Triple got rid of past merciless vibrations. But it doesn’t look much like an electric motor like the 4-cylinder Kawasaki Z1000 or MV Agusta Brutale hot rods. By nature, this bug-eyed predatory animal is closer to the Benelli TNT 1130, but Speed ​​Triple has more personality in reactions to gas work.

The same cannot be said about the exterior: there is some kind of incompleteness in it - in how the bike is tailored. Unfinished, or something … Exactly - an iron insect … The truth speaks through the mouth of a postman.

He gently, clearly follows the gas knob, like the “small” Brutale 750. This is the merit of the Keihin electronic fuel injection system - it provides such a powerful reaction. The “kutsego” has the same engine as on the new Sprint ST sports tour, but the version for Speed ​​Triple was reconfigured - more horsepower was squeezed out of the motor, increased efficiency on the “bottoms”, and an even more even curve of torque and power increase were achieved. The bike starts without hiccups, and in top gear the pilot does not need to once again switch to 2000 rpm to spin the engine to a limit of 10, 500 rpm. Therefore, while driving around the city or in a stream on the highway, you can relax a bit, get distracted by the memories of the postman with his sophisticated metaphors - Speed ​​Triple will go “like everyone else” and will not draw attention to its insect person.

But show it to the slanting eyes with an empty track with a series of turns - and the Speed ​​Triple will be transformed: for a jerk, it is as if he himself will drop a couple of gears, and then “himself” will catch up with them. Move the body mass to the front, and when you shift the Triumph from one side to the other in a series of turns (in second or third gear), the new Michelin Pilot Sport rubber will provide maximum traction. Narrow according to current ideas (180 / 55-17), the rear tire also does its job: thanks to it, the motorcycle changes direction more quickly. Speed ​​Triple overcomes areas with uneven surfaces well and does not ride on bumps - the Showa suspension is harsh both in front and behind, but not so much as to spoil the riding qualities of the motorcycle. After all, the rear shock absorber must withstand the torque of a powerful motor, and the front ones should not allow excessive compression of the inverted fork during weight redistribution. Excellent work "radial" brakes. They not only slow down with the reaction of a hungry crocodile, but they do it, I would say, with great feeling. The setting (even with excessively tight adjustment) does not allow the rear wheel to tear off the asphalt, and the bike does not “lead” if you brake sharply before a “slow” turn. However, a fully adjustable fork will become more comfortable if you devote some time to it and adjust. Then you can use the balanced Speed ​​Triple control to increase cornering speed.

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