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After Bam

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After Bam
After Bam

But before, IVECO-EuroTracker was provided with new Cursor engines. There are three of them in the family: “Cursor 8”, 10 and 13. The index indicates the rounded volume in liters, but the design is generally the same - inline “six” with turbocharging and intercooler, with four valves per cylinder, lower camshaft and electronically controlled pump nozzles.

With a volume of 7.8 liters are removed depending on the adjustment of 270, 310 and 350 liters. sec., moment - from 114 to 130 kgf.m. The 12.9-liter engine also has three power levels: 380, 440 and 480 liters. sec., moment - from 1800 to 2200 N.m. Not surprisingly, with such close parameters, the intermediate, “tenth” “Cursor” on the “Trakker” was decided not to use. Under the “eighth” engine and average loads, the gear ratios of main gears were increased - this, in combination with the 9- and 16-speed ZF gearboxes and a speed limit of 90 km / h, was quite enough. 13-liter engines were lucky to work on the heaviest cars. And also it is necessary to consider special, Italian restrictions on the full mass. They are softer than European ones: 20 tons for trucks with a 4x2 wheel arrangement, 33 tons for three-axle vehicles, 40 tons for four-axle models and 56 tons for road trains! It is impossible to cope with such a load without 16-speed gearboxes and drive axles with hub planetary gearboxes. And, according to IVECO engineers, without automatic EuroTronic 2 boxes. They were tested for the first time on main trucks, now the turn of dump trucks has come. These 12-speed electronically controlled units were developed by IVECO in conjunction with ZF, and put them on order for the most powerful cars. It is interesting that Europe has not yet decided whether to leave the traditional clutch control with such boxes. The arguments of Mercedes and Scania - with the pedal, the driver is more comfortable and convenient to maneuver at loading platforms, but Volvo and IVECO refused it. What is called: the taste and color …

The abundance of electronics in the car is a sign of the times. A multiplex CAN bus connected the engine and decompression engine brake control units, automatic transmission, power take-offs, retarder (hydraulic transmission retarder), brake system, immobilizer, tachograph and communication equipment. For more than five years, IVECO has been installing multiplex wiring on trunk trucks, which has increased the number of functions, shortened the length of wires and eliminated many relays and fuses. But she appeared on dump trucks for the first time.

Electronic brains alone are not enough for transporting goods: as before, the frame of the machine is the frame, suspension, axles. The current frame is made no less durable than it used to be at Magirus - spars are constant over the entire length of the section, and their thickness depends on future work - 7.7 or 10 mm. Brackets, as usual, are bolted or riveted "cold". To install wide radiators, the frame under the cab was extended by 250 mm.

The front suspension of the Trakker is traditional for a dump truck - on parabolic springs. Back - the balancing cart on springs or pneumocylinders. Pneumatics equip machines with a wheel arrangement of 6x4 and 8x4. Each axle of the trolley is equipped with two longitudinal beams with four pneumatic cylinders, anti-roll bar and rocket rods on silent blocks. Correction of the load capacity of 21 or 26 tons - by selecting the diameter of the air bags and working pressure.

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