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Behind The Three Doors


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Behind The Three Doors
Behind The Three Doors

Engines: gasoline 1.1–1.6 l (63–105 hp), 1.5-liter turbodiesel (82 hp). In Russia - only with a 1.6 liter gasoline engine.

Transmissions: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic.

Options: GLS.

Price: $ 14, 850–15, 590. Test car: 1.6 liters, 105 hp, automatic 4-speed gearbox, GLS equipment, $ 15, 590.


“Pretty!” The wife smiled when she saw the three-door Hyundai Getz. It is interesting that she liked it better - a fresh look of the body, not burdened by two "extra" doors, or a pretty green color? Perhaps all together. Still, the Italians (the Getz design was executed by them) know better than others what Signora wants.


“Look, what nice seats, with red accents!” I will not hide, I like it too. However, the same upholstery, pseudocarbon elements, leather steering wheel and gear selector are present in the interior of expensive five-door versions. Of course, a woman will definitely check if mirrors are built into the sun visors. Yes, dear, and in the passenger too.

"And in the" Lada "the rear window is better visible." This comparison is not in favor of most modern cars; the Goetz is no exception. True, in the five-door version, the review is slightly wider - the side hatch of the test hatchback is more modest. Another puncture - there is no rear wiper. Feed quickly splashes, you are guided only by the exterior mirrors. True, they cover a rather large sector, in addition, are equipped with electric heating.

"What a wide door - it's easy to climb in." True, only in tight parking lots will have to squeeze into the narrow gap behind the massive "gate". There are fewer doors, but there is the same amount of rear seat; making your way to the second row, you understand why passengers do not like three-doors so much. A little useful option for the gallery is to sweeten the life of the gallery: the rear passenger presses the small pedal, and the front seat drives forward, freeing the way out.

"Some kind of motor is sharp, the car just breaks down." I understand I didn’t like it. You will have to get used to such a “tough” adjustment of the gearbox torque converter. At first, it is not even possible to start moving without screeching the wheels. Apparently, for the sake of high dynamic qualities, they decided to sacrifice smoothness by reducing the slip of the torque converter, which, we note, burns precious fuel. True, there is nothing more to reproach the box for - it shifts gears smoothly, in the kick-down mode it quickly jumps to the lower steps. To argue with really powerful cars, the “Korean”, of course, is not able to, but he who is sitting behind the wheel does not feel flawed.

But the appetite of “Getz” with a 1.6 liter engine and an “automatic” is not the most modest - in the city about 12 liters.


It’s a pity that the three-door Getts deliver to us only in the top versions: they can be called affordable with a fair stretch. Indeed, most buyers are attracted by this model not only with its attractive appearance and good dynamic characteristics, but also with a low price. Basic five-door 1.3-liter cars cost from 10 thousand dollars. Maybe three-doors in inexpensive trim levels will appear on the Russian market?

In the meantime, dear, let's go on the subway - we will save.


Hyundai Getz 1.6 GLS AUTO is not a very practical, but pretty car. The definition “female” is immediately attached to such.

+ Good dynamic qualities, stability and controllability, smooth operation of the "machine", a large doorway.

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