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Hi-tech Strip

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Hi-tech Strip
Hi-tech Strip

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BMW designers don't like fairings! Give free rein - they will leave cars without bodies. Look at the creations of Chris Bangle, the chief stylist of the concern - how all these boring planes are bursting from the inside!.. Alas, the laws of the genre dictate: a car - a body, a sports bike - a fairing. But the designers reconciled with the dictatorship of traditions only for a while - and literally after the completely “dressed” BMW K1200S they rolled out a prototype of the naked version under the K1200R index.

The debut of the novelty took place at the Intermot-2004 motor show in Munich, the concern’s hometown. I recall how the beemveshniki built a shock. At first, their booth almost disappointed - nothing new. R1200GS and K1200S are, of course, a class, but they are already “illuminated”. Where is the sensation? Bavarians have no right to deprive a sensation! And then the "security" began to clear the passage from onlookers … Uterine roar - and something flew out of the darkness!.. I looked at this exhibit and once again made sure that the company's engineers were true to the slogan: "Do not copy anyone - get ahead of everyone."

Anticipating a flurry of questions regarding the future market debutant, company representatives said: "This is a prototype *. Whether it becomes serial production depends on the reaction of visitors to the exhibition.” Apparently, the reaction turned out to be convincing: a message was received that sales of the BMW K1200R will begin in June this year.

In technical terms, the newcomer practically repeats the BMW K1200S sportbike (see. Moto, No. 8-2004): the same 4-cylinder engine located across the machine, tilted forward by 55 degrees, the frame is made of aluminum alloy, the front suspension is on trailing arms Duolever. Differences of a minuscule: due to the changed intake system with a lateral “snorkel”, the power at the “tops” slightly decreased (from 167 to 163 hp) and the final drive gear ratio was increased from 2.82 to 2.91 - anyway, for a bonded sport bike does not keep up. But it will "tear" from the spot - it will not seem enough! The designers played a little with the geometry of the bike: having slightly raised the front part, they reduced the steering column tilt (by 0.4 degrees) and offset (by 11 mm). The gain is controllability, especially at low speeds.

The machine also retained such a unique feature of the “eski” as electronic suspension performance control (ESA): the hydraulic resistance can be changed right on the go, using the buttons on the steering wheel. Having stopped, you can play with the settings of the preliminary spring preload. True, the ESA is installed only for a surcharge - the same as the "partially integrated" brake system with ABS (the lever on the steering wheel acts on the brakes of both wheels, and the pedal - only on the rear).

But the lack of fairing completely changed the visual perception of the motorcycle! Well, what is the BMW K1200S? Sport bike and sport bike, if you don’t take a closer look, you will pass by … K1200R is a completely different matter. All the "mechanical things", the "eski" covered with facings, here shy away on the spot! Here it is, strange beauty, but darling: an unusually forward block of cylinders, an aluminum frame with almost horizontal load-bearing elements, a unique Duolever suspension. True, the upper suspension arms are bashfully covered by the cladding blades. The hi-tech strip completes this massive headlamp with two “spotlights” of different sizes - this stylistic feature has become the “chip” of BMW.

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