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Limited Fit
Limited Fit

Even if you do not understand the “language” of the engine, jerks in its operation, twitching spoil the mood. We must look for a reason. But where? And How?


The authors of most of our answers to the problem are right: almost always in the twitching of the engine there are malfunctions in the ignition and power. But many at the same time refer only to their own, private observations, forgetting or not knowing that in each of these systems a variety of incidents are possible.

Categoricality - “the coil is to blame”, “large backlash in the bearing”, “capacitor is faulty”, etc. - is inappropriate here, it speaks of inexperience. It is gratifying that we received a lot of such letters in which the problem was examined from various sides. The answer of the winner is in one of them.

What kind of interruptions are we talking about? Let us explain with examples. Suppose, the candle of the third cylinder began to be capricious - instead of an even rhythm of operation of a working engine "1-3-4-2", some kind of torn "1- … -4 -2-1-3-4-2" is heard. Interruptions are chaotic. When the candle completely fails, the motor begins to clearly troit: "1- … -4-2-1- … -4-2-1- …".

Our hero’s motor twitched randomly, without a system. In this case, there is no need to sort through all possible malfunctions! Max began by replacing the candles - their role is great, and the price is not good news. Did not help. I replaced the distributor cover and high-voltage wires, examined the “slider” … To no avail. Then he turned to the low-voltage part - since its weaknesses are well known. Replaced the breaker. By the way, doing this, it is quite difficult not to notice the backlash in the bearing - many insist that the problem arose because of them. Indeed, to whom only these backlashes did not spoil the blood, but in the story with Max they seem to have nothing to do with it.

What did our hero forget about? The Achilles heel of his car is an interference suppressor in the ignition distributor. Failure (when the motor does not work at all) usually gives out - darkened, charred. But it happens that he is still “limited in service” - the resistance has already grown so much that some of the high voltage pulses do not reach the candles. Check - nowhere is easier: shorting the wire, start the engine. Earned exactly? The resistor is bad. In the end, Max installed it.

Well, what would he do if the resistor were working? I would check the coil. It’s okay too - she would have to tinker with other bottlenecks in the system. There are enough of them in the low-voltage part. Oxidized or dirty compounds, broken wires, etc.

Well, why bother with the fuel system? Here Max is not up to par. After all, the main thing that it should provide is the correct composition of the mixture in all engine operating modes. The poor mixture ignites unstably - the motor runs unevenly. If the gasoline level in the float chamber is very low or the fuel nozzle of the main dosing system is clogged, the mixture is poor at all load conditions, but everything can easily be brought back to normal! Worse, if the mixture depletes the extraneous air mixed into it, for example, through leaks in the joints of the collector with the head of the unit, through the pores in the hose of the vacuum amplifier, etc. This is easy to check by spraying the suspicious joint with “starting” ether. The motor worked differently - there is a leak, it must be eliminated.

A different picture is if the fuel supply from the tank is insufficient, when the fuel filter is clogged with dirt, the pump head is weak, etc. In these cases, the motor pulls normally while the fuel consumption in the cylinders is less than the supply. And press the gas to the floor - it starts to yank. This is because the feed no longer makes up for the flow, the level in the float chamber is lower and the mixture is poorer. A little more - and failure will follow: the motor stalls, the car bites his nose …

Of course, “communication” with the motor is an intellectual matter, but there are a lot of experts who are capable of this. We were pleased with your letters and, first of all, the answer of Vladimir Logvinov. The thoughts he expressed are briefly stated here. Congratulations to the winner!



Buying a beauty “tag”, Igor was happy as a little child. A month later, I began to notice flaws. The most annoying is a sluggish motor. You press the gas to the floor, and the car accelerates slowly, on prolonged ascents and in fourth gear drives in with shortness of breath, and it’s better to forget about fifth. The service was "comforted": all injection parameters are normal, the engine is beautiful, the compression is excellent - ride! And lethargy is a payment for low toxicity - they say, the WHA is eager for Europe …

So Igorek would have traveled, but there would have been a good man in the parking lot. Bored. A defect that could not be found for so long was fixed in one minute!

What do you say to that?

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