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Derailment 99

Video: Derailment 99
Video: Caught on camera: Train derailment in Southeast Texas 2023, February
Derailment 99
Derailment 99

On the hood of our brand, the artist, at the request of the owner, depicted a formidable dragon, "softening" the theme set by the owner of the machine in this way - to show flesh and blood. The bloodthirsty plot did not appear by chance: the "ninety-ninth" is seriously "charged", its owner loves an "incendiary" ride.

Sergey - this is the name of the author of the drawing - said that he gravitates to surrealism and fantasy stories and is ready to work with any technique. Under certain conditions, he will be able to paint anything from a scooter to an asphalt paver. If the deadline and price are different … We can vouch for the enthusiasm of the maestro - he is practically inexhaustible.

Tuning studio managers noticed that the new direction closes almost all possible customer requests. It remains only to re-equip the interiors, and Bilcon will turn into a universal enterprise. Competitions from other airbrushes in the sports and technical club have not yet felt. The prices here were set at a low level for the capital, information is distributed among friends and acquaintances, and the number of people who want to join is more than enough.

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