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Lady's Reputation


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Lady's Reputation
Lady's Reputation

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There is a town in the US state of Illinois with a risky name for our tender ear (well, quickly grabbed itself by the ear - tender?) Called Herrin. This remarkable geographical fact, I am afraid, would have remained a mystery to us behind seven seals, if not for one “but”: something was going wrong in this city. The case is extremely atypical. Scientists would say that this is an anomaly. And doctors - they would have called it a pathology.

In order. Last spring, when the kidneys swelled as usual, and feelings worsened, another American “alternative” motorcycle manufacturer was registered in Herrin. “Eka is unseen!” You say. I agree, I’ve never seen anything special, of this kind in those parts with interest. But here is the salt, pepper and raisins: the founder, president, chief designer and designer of Wicked Women Choppers is a woman. And only women work under her command. And they are building … What did you think - wooden scooters for elderly gigolo? No matter how - choppers for women … Charming! We survived …

Kristin Vaughn is an active young lady. Burning huts, mutilated horses - this is how it is written off. A seventh-generation Alaska Native woman who has mastered the secrets of hunting and fishing since she was a child, could she rattle pots in the kitchen all her life or wither away in the office? (No, have mercy, I do not want to say that rattling pots in the kitchen and withering in the office is not a female matter! Watching how to thunder and wither away. But still …)

When Christine turned eleven, the family moved to Washington. And here neither you catch fish, nor really hunt (pigeons and cats do not count). That's when her new hobbies broke through - motocross and buggy racing. Of course, her first motorcycle - a cross-country Suzuki RM100 - Christine serviced and repaired herself. She, in general, was generally not inclined towards sadism in particular, received those moments when she took off her helmet on the top step of the podium and the stunned rivals saw that the girl had “made” them.


Then there were: light aviation, snowmobile racing, restoration of old cars, horseback riding, carpentry, metal work - these are purely female chores. When she and her husband, the same adventurer, after shaking around the world, finally settled in Illinois, the first thing they bought was a couple of Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Having traveled for a week, Christine probably already knew that Harley is a good motorcycle, but much needs to be changed in it. Yes, almost everything! So she plunged headlong into customizing. Having built several bikes, Kristin fired up a new idea - but not to sway to a whole new level? Do not stir up small-scale production? So that people have their own lineup, VIN, warranty … So the company Wicked Women Choppers was born. Why are villains? (“Villains” is the softest, too soft, I would say, translation of the phrase “wicked women”.) Yes, because “positive ladies do not make history”, as the official slogan of the company says. Precisely noticed! Three-quarters of the female personalities who went down in world history were natural witches.

So, first of all, you need your own "chip". Otherwise, you must admit, the idea is rotten - here and the peasants in the market have a problem. The fact that we are supposedly the only female motorcycle company in the USA will not go far. (By the way, in the world history of motorcycle engineering, I also do not recall such a precedent.) It was decided to release a "female version of the American Chopper." Indeed, in America, bikers make up 15 percent. Not the population, of course, but motorcyclists. The figure is impressive.

With the support of such an influential gentleman as the president of S&S Cycle, Brett Smith, Christine set about creating the debut model of Wicked Women. And already in the fall of 2004, the first Shady Lady were introduced to the people (that is, a sort of wicked lady, suspicious, "with a dubious reputation").

Well, quite a decent chopper. Without radical motives, harmonious, with an “ageless” silhouette. The motor is a polished S&S with a volume of 1573 cmz (as an option, 1754 or 1852 cmz can be ordered). A soft-type frame with a saddle height designed for an average female height of 165 cm is cooked by the famous RC Components for Villains. She also supplies the Wolverine model with chromed wheels (also a feminine name, tender - “Wolverine”). Other components - from no less reputable manufacturers. The project involves Rivera, Pro-One, CCCS, Kustomwerks, Independent, Progressive Suspension, Wire Plus. The laconic 2-in-2 exhaust system of the Daisy Dukes model is supplied by the famous “relatives” of Wicked Brothers. They say the sound she makes is impressive. Americans refer to such things as "approved for use on public roads (in some areas of Mexico)." Connoisseurs can easily identify the author of the headlight design. Yes, this is the legendary German Fred Codlin.

Christine asks for a little more than $ 30, 000 for her Shady Lady with a two-year warranty. And "if a woman asks, " take it out and put it down. (True, if you are a Snowfall, “do not rush her Indian summer.” But you, I see, are not a Snowfall.)

The company plans two more models - Vixen (a “fox”, but rather a “mega”), which is a “budget” version of Shady Lady with a minimum of chrome, as well as a black Mariah chopper-hardtail with a rear “roller” of a more serious width (for Shady Lady - “250-ka”).

Kristin Vaughn also said that, in principle, men can buy this motorcycle, since a good bike - it is a good bike, whoever built it … Both on! But what about what he seemed to think for women? The inconsistency …

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