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On Average And Not Only

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On Average And Not Only
On Average And Not Only

Ahead is May, the beginning of the summer season, when, along with the first green grass, people are waking up to the interest in buying a new “iron friend”. This, of course, does not pass by the sellers, who already from the end of March began to slowly raise their prices, following the interest.

According to analysts, for three months, from the beginning of the year to the beginning of April, the weighted average retail prices for Lada cars in the whole country grew by 1.8%. At the same time, cars of the classic layout cost an average of 129 thousand rubles, which is 3.8% more than at the beginning of the year. The “average” car of the Samara family was estimated at 190 thousand rubles (+ 1.3%), and the VAZ “ten” was sold on average for 234 thousand. Moreover, the latter grew in price more slowly than the rest - by 0.4% since the beginning of the year. Apparently, the fear is affecting that potential customers will be able to run to foreign car dealers - the difference in price is small. In March, which turned out to be extremely cold throughout Russia, analysts generally were surprised to note a slight decrease in retail prices for this family (they believe it is most likely temporary).


The average prices for AvtoVAZ cars by model now are as follows. The cheapest is still the "six", which is collected not in Togliatti, but in Izhevsk - 116 thousand rubles. A little more expensive than the "five": dealers estimate it at 118 thousand rubles. The most popular on sale is the "classic" Lada-2107 (it is assembled in Tolyatti and Syzran) on average, dealers cost 129 thousand rubles, but the "country" station wagon "Lada-21043" from Izhevsk is offered for 147 thousand. rub. A sister (from the same city) “Fabula” Izh 2126 1 is a little more expensive: 150 thousand. By the summer, wagons, as usual, will go up in price faster than the rest!

On average, for 170 thousand rubles. you can still get the “nine” - they realize the remains of the Syzran assembly. Hatchback "Lada-Samara" (VAZ 2114) and sedan (VAZ 2115) will cost 189 and 199 thousand, respectively. The most expensive, naturally, cars of the "tenth" family. The price in the configuration "norm" - from 230 to 236 thousand rubles., Depending on the type of body. You can, of course, find at the dealers a "twisted" "twelfth" with power steering and air conditioning (from 300 thousand rubles), but this choice is only for everybody.

The old Niva (VAZ 2121 4) is sold on average for 201 thousand rubles, and the elongated 2131 - for 215 thousand. In the first spring months, the “old woman” fell in price by 5 thousand more than others: not the season … Vazovsky seven-seater minivan “Hope”(VAZ 2120) is now offered for 246 thousand. A very interesting offer, only consumers for some reason sluggishly respond to it.

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