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The Threat Of Mate On Ash-one


Video: The Threat Of Mate On Ash-one

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: IMPOSSIBLE mate in 1? 2023, January
The Threat Of Mate On Ash-one
The Threat Of Mate On Ash-one

If our magazine was historical, we would love to discuss who first illuminated the Thames and Neva embankments, how bamboo fibers are worse than tungsten filaments and what Edison invented. However, we have another investigation ahead - to sort out the variety of car bulbs with the short name "H1". "Al-one" are used … but where are these single-filament lamps not used? In numerous foglights, on the "Volga" GAZ 3110 5 / "> GAZ 31105, on the" tens "and" sixes. "And selling them is just the sea.

However, it only seems so. At first glance, it’s really the sea, but we have long agreed to bypass the markets! We went around this time, and in the metropolitan stores scored 13 "ash-one" under various brands. Not enough, and the number is not good. Okay, let’s take a sin on our hearts and go to the market - an application to our expertise will be an out-of-competition performance of products without checks and guarantees. And it’s no secret that the assortment of the same South Port in Moscow will plug all the stores together for a long time.

As a result, 18 sets of ash-one bulbs went to visit the experts - three pieces of each brand: 14 with the declared power of 55 W and 4 - for 100 W. They did not disclose the origin: they say they bought what they could - check, please. A month later, we get “Protocol No. AC-5/05 of the lighting tests of automotive lamps of category H1” - it served as the basis for this material.

How to check the lamp? The technique is rather complicated - the magazine already wrote about this (ЗР, 1999, No. 7). The test program is given in our application, the results are given under the corresponding photo. As agreed, only the first 13 products are counted: they were purchased in reputable stores that are responsible for the goods sold.

As for the “market five,” no one gives any guarantees regarding the origin of the goods and their quality. However, let's see what we got - all the attention to the photo.

And everything turned out very beautiful! Of the 13 "legitimate" bulbs, we can recommend 10, and the entire rejected trinity was completely predictable in advance! What to wish from light bulbs at the price of 9 rub.? And why spend money on a product whose manufacturers themselves warn you: “Don’t take it!”. But with the “south-port” lamps the situation is different - only the products of the Serdobsky Electric Lamp Plant could count on a regular position in the headlights with some stretch. Why didn’t we buy them in a normal store? Yes, because they are not there and cannot be: the plant, as it turned out, practically does not supply them to the retail network. But the market lives its own life and famously sells everything that is possible.

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