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Video: Boulevard Depo - Carousel ( Prod. Meep ) *360* 2023, February

At first everything was “like people” - replacing the taillights and tinting the Foliatec in body color. White optics in the pronounced style of Lexus went to the benefit of the car - regular lights aged Del Sol for five years at least. But tinting turned the car into some kind of toy, a model on a 1: 1 scale with opening doors and a hood. At dusk, the car looked like a monolithic statue. However, the next wave of improvements soon began.

Disassembling and painting the interior in the colors that the interior designer for the children's room would have chosen without hesitation took place slowly and step by step - in isolation from the main work, which Mikhail had a lot of.

In addition to the updated and multi-colored plastic, the MOMO steering wheel and a gearbox lever handle with backlight appeared in the cabin. The backlight, this time neon, was mounted on the bottom and in the dashboard. Under the feet of the driver and front passenger threw rugs of aluminum sheet.

The exterior was changed with rough straightforwardness and a subtle sense of stylistic nuances. The most freaky little fenka is silver stars with a light-accumulating function. It’s a carnival cap “Merry stargazer”, not a car body. And for some reason it looks pretty …

A subtle sense of style does not lie in the astrologically competent arrangement of the stars, but in the fact that Mikhail did not install the wheels on the car. Yes, caps are much more appropriate here. It’s a pity that without fireflies …

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